What's with chia price

why nobody is discussing it?

Pure speculation with all of the coins out there right now. We just had everything implode with the FTX mess and all the cards that collapsed with it - it stinks. It all stinks. No way in hell would I be dumping money into the market right now.

And XCH seems to be right in line with Bitcoin and Ethereum so it’s not an outlier; it appears all coins got a boost. Possibly a good time to take some profits? I’m dumping as I get coins.

i don’t know about all coins. take a look at DOGE :pensive:

XCH had up 50%+ for the last week

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Yikes, lol. That’s a choppy mess lol.

I just sold all my xch, so, based on past experience this is a good time to buy ;D


Either an oracle or a market maker. In either case I’m sold.


There is a rumour about hacked air traffic system in US, Canada and Philipines.

Payment in BTC…gov allegedly paid silently.

And as we all know, when real economy farts, BTC shiiiiet itself, and everything else collapses.

You can check out paranoia in BTC from 11.1 how volume spiked

Sell all, rebuy once it crashes…you will have at least 20% more Chia in few weeks :wink:

Paranoias are the best time to sell, and following crashes/rug pull are best times to buy

Real economy is on the brink of legendary collapse. Once, it happens Chia most likely drops to 20$ area


How does one sell XCH? Sorry for my ignorance

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The price has nothing to do with anything Chia is or isn’t doing. It’s just the marketplace. Look at the financial markets? Up? BTC will be up. If BTC is up? So will all the other coins. These aren’t detached. Despite where Chia is at today I’m more bearish on it than ever before. There are some challenges right now. People should really be talking about why Bram isn’t the CEO now.

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In this case I sent it to my gate.io account and exchanged for $45 US dollars tether

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Wish i had bought more at 30 :expressionless:

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In 5 years you’ll be wishing to have bought more at $45 :wink:

Ha - not sure how much more i can afford =)

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why buy … just farm :pinching_hand:

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What’s with chia price

→ Price went up


why would you be concerned? Imagine you are genius, evolving poverty on Earth…last thing you are interested in is whining coworkers, marketing and other crap.

I am more worried about World Bank behind it, and inevitable gov intervention.

Currently, the carbon market is one big comedy, and manipulation. Vera just reported that most carbon credits/offsets are fake, double booking.

Chia supposes to resolve this comedy. With ESG, and woke paranoia, it may die before it starts to shine. Inevitable doom for humanoids is known from 1980…or even earlier…only thing those behind this problem did is pointless COP meetings, WEF whining, politics…nothing has been done yet.

That is all bad for Chia that suppose to be official register for carbon credit7offsets/ESG. Reality always sets in…currently, we are in everything bubble…Imagine once SP500 stabilises at -80%…everything else bubble bursts. As uncle Warren, and other pros already told “once, you have to pay the piper - everything goes to its real value…in case of crypto, it is 0”. Only time will tell…my bet Monero, and may be Chia are hot candidates for survival.

Price of something is the result of its utility, and manufacturing costs. Even with 30$/XCH, and European energy prices…every farmer makes money. It means, it may drop to 15$/XCH where only most efficient farmers survive.

that is what I have heard last year when Lambo kids bought Bitchcoin for 55k, and they are down to 20k ROFL my friend is waiting for next halving…I haven’t heard from him for a while…he may be dead because his wife found out that he wasted like 100k of family funds ROFL

S2F guy assured everybody about 200k $ for BTC ROFL

Always amusing various oracles with zero experience, and 100% arrogance.

Gate.io deposit doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

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