When can I start creating portable plots? (the following answer came from the chia devs)

When can I start creating portable plots? (the following answer came from the chia devs)

Sunday, 30 May, 2021
“Support for portable plots will be released sometime in June on testnet. Testnet portable plots are focused on finding bugs. It is highly unlikely testnet portable plots will work in mainnet. If you are willing to risk replotting, you are free to try it on testnet. Otherwise we recommend you wait for mainnet launch before plotting portable plots.”"

So in Semptember it’s will be for MAINNET

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My brain is late to this party… so all of that have plotted X number of plots, need to start from 0 plots again in sept if we want to pool them?

yes, same BS over and over again…

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Holy… shit.

The way this reads to me right now is that if you were early enough to chia such that you have a dominant amount of petabytes of plots you’re going to continue to plot solo and this doesn’t affect you at all.

But for every other single person that didn’t spend $30,000 or more on their setup and has 10 or 20,000 plots or less, if they hope to have any sort of return and use the official pooling mechanism they need to start plotting again at zero in order for those to be counted in a pool.

So for everyone that has to reply I see them sort of balancing erasing 100 plots to free up space and then making a hundred new plots, then erasing 100 more plots, then creating a hundred new pool plots.

Is that how it’s going to go down?

I have a really hard time understanding why pool support wasn’t designed into the original plot specification and why this invalidates everyone’s work up until now.

Maybe there are better links on it I can dig into? I’m sure there is a valid reason, they are aware of how damaging this is to the effort.

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Now you see why HPOOL is so appealing. The plots you are making now are useless for official pooling anyway, so you might as well pool them on HPOOL now and replace them one at a time with portable plots later. The risks are well known and all have logical solutions. The only exception to this logic is if you think you will make more by getting lucky solo mining OR if you have some kind of emotional/moral objection to HPOOL.

I understand that the devs couldn’t have known netspace would grow so fast, but I agree that it has turned out to be a monumental mistake to launch without pooling.


Hence why everyone is maximizing their plotting ability for time and such and testing plotting and then just letting it run and waiting for pooling.

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Wooow - I really do appreciate the explanation, it’s all clicking for me a bit too late. Absolutely understand the appeal of h pool now.

Prayer is cool - but so far it hasn’t resulted in any Chia :slight_smile:

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Makes a LOT more sense now (sorta wish it didn’t though)

Even most people with a petabyte will probably want to join a pool eventually. Once the network hits 70 EiB (which is possible this year), 1% of all storage in the entire world will be dedicated to Chia farming. At that point, if you have 1 PiB, your “expected time to win” will be more than two weeks.

I think it’ll be more like “erase 1, create 1, repeat” but yes, that’s the general idea.

It’s because nobody expected this rapid growth. Someone independent of Chia predicted 2 EiB by the end of this year, if I recall correctly. It’s frustrating for everyone, but there’s not much you can do about it now, other than join HPool and/or wait for the official protocol to come out.

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I am assuming that someone will modify Swar so that it can be set to delete an existing plot just before a replacement is copied over. Should be relatively easy to do.


This will be a great idea, following.
An option to “replace” would be nice.

Great idea. I will try to implement that feature in Ploto.

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Is there some way to form an unofficial pool but with trust, with others before official pooling takes place? Without joining hpool, which I presume is a bad thing to do due to having to relinquish private keys and giving them the power over the direction chia is going?

Yesterday there was a guy here talking about setting something like that up (I showed interest with a few others here), that post went way down now. Hope it gets back up.

I suggested maybe you could appoint a lawyer or accountant to audit the pool manually, they would hold keys and no individual member would know any other members private keys, but this would get tricky to do on a large scale. They would take a fee for this. The auditor could steal all the chia but wouldn’t do unless it were a very significant amount.

Meh… will see a big spike on Hpool’s pool power - today and tomorrow.

Where do you see mention of September? Or is that just speculation or sarcasm?

Just saw a topic about this, some guy made a unofficial pool that does not require replotting or your private key.

If it’s legit i dunno but at least it offers an alternative