When I plot I lose syncronization

hi I have a problem, when I plot I lose synchronization. I opened port 8444 and I see the full nodes but I don’t understand why since yesterday if I send plots in execution, the synchronization stops despite being connected. who helps me? thanks

Have you looked in your logs? I’d look for error messages in your logs. But this only happens when you plot?

The following command is helpful to monitor activity, e.g., when you lost sync, do you have any connections to other full nodes?

watch 'chia show -s -c'

I’m also a fan of GitHub - retzkek/chiamon: Example Chia monitoring stack.

And while I’m not recommending this because I haven’t read the code associated with it, I have at times deleted ~/.chia/mainnet/db/peer_table_node.sqlite and ~/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/wallet_peers.sqlite and restarted. I speculate, “Hmmm, perhaps nodes I’m connected to are not helping, so I’ll remove them and try to connect to new peers.”

Patience helps, too…

I had same problem. Problem happened to me, when i had more plots in parallel with low delay. Try to increase your delay in minutes.

thanks for the advice I will try what you recommended