When will the 21chia pool start?

Hey, I’ve got an old laptop with some storage and I just joined 21chia to make some extra moneyz. When will 21chia come online, and if you have any other tips, please tell me.

StepMania “eggman”? Would be helluva coincidence.

Why don’t you ask the pool?

Phew… I actually thought the name of the pool was 21chia (chiaforum) I was like err crap name (no offence but lacking imagination)

We are waiting on the Chia developers to finish developing the changes needed for proper pooled mining:

  • Reference pool code. [incomplete and untested]
  • Smart contract to assign plots to pool [on some development branches, but very unlikely to be bug-free, so it will change, rendering any portable plots made now incompatible for pooled mining later on]
  • Client integration with pools [incomplete and untested]

Given the state their code is in right now, it’s best to wait and let them finish the work. Tomorrow there is a webinar for pool operators where they’ll tell us more, and probably some time estimation as to when it’s going to be ready for testing.

On our side, we’re getting the infrastructure ready and coding our own pool around their barebones reference pool implementation, so we’ll be ready to test as soon as they start pooled mining on the chia testnet.

Join us now at 21chia.com for 0% fees for life if you farm with us in the first week after launch.