Where to buy/sell XCH if you live in the US?

It seems like every Central Exchange is now requiring full identity verification and the vast majority have been bullied by the current US administration into refusing service to those in the US. Anyone have suggestions on where those of us in the US can buy and sell XCH now?

use VPN for platforms like Kuna, Gate.io, Binance

Binance started forcing verification for everyone 2+ years ago, so VPN won’t bypass that. Gate.io started that almost a year ago, as well. Unless you know of some way to get past that stuff when in the US… It used to be that you could just put in fake info on OKX to get past that stuff, but they’ve changed that. And Kucoin seems to have done the same.


Just my thought. Xch price right now at very low price so like a protection for US citizens to keep them from selling. Also , we have seen some movements for btc and eth bridge despite it not working right now but probably in the near future.

You can use crypto exchanges under a VPN within limits for daily/monthly withdrawals.
Gate, kucoin, bitmart, and Binance work great for me when using them in the proper country with paid premium VPN servers

Party is over I guess. Shame too, not all of us were funding our darknet activities with this.

At this point, I’m waiting for something ‘worth the hassle’ (enough to pay off some drives) or I’ll just hold on to my keys and see what this is worth in 2030. VPNs or KYC are too much hassle for this lazy old guy :laughing:.

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Will they allow you to deposit, withdraw, and trade without going through KYC? I had been using VPN on some in the past, but Binance stopped allowing me to deposit or trade without verification starting 2 years ago. They would only allow me to withdraw up to $2,000 per day, so I took a long time and moved my coins elsewhere. Gate.io started warning me last year that they were going to do something similar, so I moved any funds there to kucoin and OKX–both of which have stated that ID verification is now required. OKX has even put a LIFETIME limit of $5,000 on how much you can withdraw without verification.

Kukoin, bitmart, Gate still keep working for me without KYC. I’m using proton VPN, and same plus server from same country for over 2 years. Trying to keep balance under 10k and don’t make big moves. For XCH exchange works perfectly.


Thanks. Maybe I need to retry those, then. Never tried Bitmart for that matter.

bitmart i dont have much trust to em but for small amounts and arbitrage so far so good.
Bybit more trusted platform i would say, haven’t checked em for a while don’t know if they will insist for KYC. Back in times was one of non-kyc required platform to trade crypto futures.
Bittex, kraken, Huobi, Currency.com are decent with propper approach. hope you will find something what will work for you.
Btw maybe ledger exchange ecosystem may work as well

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Wow, a lot of replies here and no one yet said: crypto.com ?


You must be new here. We don’t like to contribute anything useful. :joy:


One reason I haven’t really given crypto.com much of a try is that they don’t have any way to trade via a desktop. Their exchange appears to be available only via a phone app, which I’m not fond of.


crypto.com requires KYC

I have another useful tidbit to share: https://simpleswap.io/ worked flawlessly to convert XCH to BTC without any KYC. I sent XCH from my Chia wallet and received BTC in my Ledger Live wallet. Total time was about 2 hours for the conversions to happen.


Check out https://changenow.io there is no KYC for XCH currently.

you can buy USDS somewhere, and natively swap it on Chia network.

Anything without KYC is Russian roulette…we lost millions in recent Bkex fuckup…nobody fault, nobody knows.

for small amounts may be ok if you do not leave assets on exchange for longer than 1 hour

Im using this website to get sort of understanding how shady exchange is. This rating been backed up by people from bug-bounty and auditing company. You have some decent alternatives when in need to buy some crypto without KYC

Top Crypto Exchanges

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they use stolen identities to register these accounts.

in no way are these “playing by the rules”


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