Which SSD should I go for? five 4tb or twenty 1tb

I was trying to plot 30 in parallel but it took 20 hours to complete.

I’m currently using 5 4TB nvme ssds. Should I switch to 20 1TB ? Will the be quicker or slower?

Thank you for your help!

I think it the same, Can I know your PC spec?

30 in parallel over 20 hours is really good.

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CPU: AMD threadripper 3990X
motherboard: gigabyte trx40 wifi pro (I’m changing it to Msi trx40 pro 10g tmr)
Memory: 4* 32gb Kingston (im adding 4 more tmr)
SSD: 5* 4tb Nvme WD SN750 (im adding 6* 1tb Nvme Samsung 970 eve pro tmr)
HDD:8* 18tb WD


I was expecting it to finish within 12 hours. Do you think I can do 60 in parallel and finish within 12 hours after the upgrade tmr?

Im using windows GUI.

Are you plotting them all at the same time or staggered with delay?