Which Sync status is Correct?

Which Sync status is Correct ?

Sync Status

Farming Status

I believe they are both correct.
I think the upper right one is for your wallet, and the one on the left is for your full node.

Your full node is def not fully synced as its not farming the plots, as is verified by the second pic.


Bones is correct, what version are you running just to ask? Iā€™m running 1.4.0 on my main farmer and won blocks on July 4th so I know it works :+1:

Chia blockchain version 1.3.5

Most likely, when your bc will fully sync, you will need to kill your db, and let it be rebuild. When bc is not synced, the wallet connects to external nodes, and syncs from those. However, there were plenty of posts where once people were fully synced (finally bc got synced again), the wallet had issues with properly displaying all XCHes, and killing it was usually the fix.

Once your bc is synced, your wallet will be syncing just from your own node (will not make those extra connections).