Who is the #1 farmer on NoSSD making 200+ XCH per day?

Link here: NoSSD Chia Pool

This farm is impressively huge. Making over $5,000 USD per day in XCH! Any idea of who is running this #1 farm on NoSSD? That would be millions of dollars worth of storage.


Wow I wonder how big that farm is!


I thought it might be you. :grinning:


We can estimate – according to my calculations they have 725 PiBe space. Maybe ~370 PiB raw HDDs. Insanely huge operation that dwarfs my measly 20 PiB raw.
They also have the equivalent of 100 gpus that are 3090 or 4090s. The value of the hardware running this farm is over $10 million USD.


What a nerd, looks like they named their workers after IP addresses or something - boring :stuck_out_tongue:

I kid I kid, a tough number to beat for sure!


Could be a guy hiring farmers to do mining. But does it make business sense?

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Without including wear and tear, power, and rent, that’s only two thousand days to ROI. However, it’s nice to see such belief in CHIA that they believe a moon is on the horizon.

This type of thing is what makes XCH have less and less value in price. These people have to sell a lot of XCH to pay for electricity and maintenance costs. By selling XCH its price drops. XCH is not like BTC where people put a lot of their money, and here the sales degrade the value of the coin a lot (right now). We need a halving or two to make these types of farmers disappear.


Maybe jones got his botnet up.


Isn’t there still bigger farms though? Some of the biggest addresses on xch scan appear to be farmers, such as:


or is the farm you guys linked to here on nossd even bigger than those?

Look, this one is bigger :scream:

Just kidding, xch1f0ryxk6qn096hefcwrdwpuph2hm24w69jnzezhkfswk0z2jar7aq5zzpfj is hpool

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No, it’s his replicated harvesters all pointing to a single 10tb drive remember? :slight_smile:

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Well that would make sense, but whos the other one just like it, and why does it only show incoming transactions? They can’t just hold all the coins their pool mines can they?

I feel sure hed have been booted pretty fast doing that.

what if there is an unknown vulnerability from the offset, and only a few know of it… but it allows a farm to duplicate mined coins… if you knew of such an exploit, would you drain the bank fast, or act normal and convert to capital slowly? And if found out, what then? Just act normal like those who already know? Or blast it? Blasting it would make no more income happen because it would kill the chain. So keep the xploit unknown, duplicate coins, cash em in SLOWLY, and watch coinbase never touch chia. Or am I just imagining things like a pile of Bones.

Or make closed source miners, and theres one loop in the code that searches mnemonics… wont effect everyone but will effect some for sure. Flexpool could have done that with flexminer. After they closed several ppl talked about loosing coins. Maybe they had a backdoor all along and it had a script to scrap keys?? And now that its shut down time its time to also drain those scraped keys? This could happen. Or sit on the ones that could become more one day, make ppl think its secure. Drain it in 5 years instead once its worth 5 million more.

Or maybe its Mad Max, all us downloading his cloned chia repo, recoded, then converted to closed source… who knows what all the closed source software people have been running has actually been doing. ( also said going to quit project, but do the math, he should be making six figures off his horse, so why talk so much shit if its making money? maybe no one to buy it?)

Most nodes, most shit. Toy Story 2. Fat guy with a white beard trying to make a fortune, doesnt give a damn about anyone else. Typing drunk. 2 coders talking shit on github with CNI who also control 50% of the network.

Who the fuck would fuck with chia inc knowing this shit? And grandpa go off if u approach the wrong way. Like living an illusion. These ppl are drinking. And bram, no one knows because only thing about the project to do with him is his name and some theories, some code… but I dont blame him for keeping distance.

So the above is what investors are complaining to me as I tell them to invest in Chia. Also say things like “why is this the new thing” and I talk about the tech, which they don’t get at all.

No wonder CNI wants to make an API for closed source miners. Huge amounts of the network are operating on closed source code and no one knows what that code is actually doing.


thats what happen when you fire the whole team of devs because you dont like what they say about how do you manage the project and where this is going to

p/s … and not hiring new good ones

dont forget that in this business, the big data centers can be involved. The investment they have done maybe its for another reason, and until they found the customers to fill their hdds with customer data they mine chia.

725 pib is insane for home miner but for a data center???

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The more important question is…
There are near 100,000 nodes, why are there like 12 people who post here?

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BackBlaze as I recall has blogged about dabbling in Chia.
Perhaps they’re back?

For THEIR business, that WOULD be small potatoes.

I think many (majority) of node operators speak Mandarin.