Why does my farmer and wallet connection height not show any numbers? No nodes? and Kib up/down always shows 0?

Why my farmer and wallet connection height not showing any numbers ? nodes ? and Kib up/down always show 0 when i was farming as well
and is my connection correct ?? please advice me cause i am real noobs here

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Hello, Welcome to the Forums.

You should be syncing and connecting to peers. Do you have any peer connections in the Full Node tab? Right now it just looks like you only have local connections.

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i have full node sync but it still appears the same , how could i fix it ?
and i have a lot of peers but some times they will disconnect and re appears new peers ,
and i have check the ports 8444 is open but 8447 or 8449 or 8448 is closed , how should i do ? and i am using one machine to do the plots and farming , and this one is on farm tab advanced setting

excesue me, the wallets connections should be 0 ?

Did you ever open port 8448. If so how?

whats the solution here? is this normal? im full synced. have many connections. but my wallet and farmer are stuck at 0. in the connections box.