Why is XCH going down?

I don’t get it. The pools are here, everyone is hyped but the price of XCH is going down.
I thought people would start buying coins like crazy with all the hype so its value would go up. Is it because hpool is cashing out or what?

hpool is caching out? Was does this mean?

Cashing out… as in selling all their coins. Moving on because of the official pools

Ok, from where did you get this info that they’re selling there xch?
Why should this be related to official pools?

I am speculating. I have no idea why the price is going down. That only happens when the offer exceeds demand. If it’s not hpool selling then who is and why?

But this isn’t the only one reason why the price of XCH is falling…
There are so much factors that influence the price of chia.

Ok so… offer and demand doesn’t dictate the price? What else then? Please explain

I said it’s not the only reason… I’m no expert in business economics.

Well it’s not rocket science. It’s all based on supply and demand, what happens around that is a different story. For the price to drop you’d have a bigger supply and lower demand. That’s happening now. But why?

Maybe it’s because people believe they are better off farming the coins themselves rather than buying them? Or as I said, someone is cashing out. I was curious to see what others thought was happening here.


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Probably everyone wants to sell because the price falls more and more…
One big reason why not much people buy xch is that is’t not listed on big exchanges and you only can buy xch through btc, eth or other coins instead of directly with fiat.


Indeed, supply and demand.

Why little demand, the coin does not do alot yet other than just being yet another alt coin.

Hopefully Bram will use the premine well and that should bring adoption.


Anecdotally, I have a lot of demand for chia, but no trustworthy, US based exchanges actually trade chia yet. So I can’t buy it yet. I suspect the first time a real exchange has chia the price will go up.

But please remember before transaction folks were guessing $25-$100, so relative to the original expections the current price $250 is quite high even without real exchanges.

Tldr: don’t pay too much attention to the price right now, it is way too early to worry.

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I may be wrong about this, but from my crypto observations, the supply and demand equation doesn’t just materialize because some one or group says a coin exists, therefore there’s a market for it. Or at least, it shouldn’t… meme coins existing as a puzzling exception.

Instead real crypto coins have developers creating projects (applications) that real businesses and/or people can use to improve/facilitate their daily activities/financial interests.

So far I haven’t seen these being offered to the Chia universe. Perhaps and hopefully they are in process, and/or we’ve not heard of the most useful ones for whatever reason.

For example, look at the Ethereum or Bitcoin ecosystem for examples of useful coin projects. To wit, Paypal likes them (and others) enough to incorporate them, a major win for those coins price appreciation. Chia needs to emulate those with developers creating useful projects of some sort in order to succeed.

Only then will a strong and growing demand for liquidity (coin enough to facilitate those project uses) drive price growth long term. Fingers crossed :face_with_monocle:

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Pools have no influence on the price of XCH. Miners/farmers being happy is usually the opposite of what crypto holders/speculators want.

That being said as a pool we are pushing the price of XCH through sponsorships and our own development projects. But thats not essential to a pool and most pools will have no influence on XCH prices. Honestly I’d hope that everyone do what they can to support Chia and attend the upcoming chialisp workshops.

Few People with many Coins sell before many people with few coins (from new pooling) sell their coins and create a price drop. First-Mover Advantage in game theory.

I think some of the larger players have to sell from time to time to cover cost. And its early days, and very little demand to buy.

You can check hpool’s activity in Chia Explorer. :slight_smile:

XCH is not worth what it is - even at current prices.
Honestly the rollout for Chia was poor. If you look at the discussions Bram and Co have, they make bets on how big the netspace will be. To me this shows that they don’t really care about the people supporting the network but rather how much netspace they have to make their company more attractive to potential investors. Be warned, XCH can drop further. The pre-mine was excessive and Bram and co don’t really do much to justify confidence. Make sure you use your plots for other forks. How much do you think Bram and co be willing to sell shares of their XCH for? $10, $20, $50? How much are investors willing to pay?


Exactly. Today the XCH is overrated and will dip even morer. Anything else would surprise me greatly.

I see this more as a long game, not a quick cash-grab.

You’re probably right. I am quite disappointed with Bram to be honest… I only recently started following him on Twitter. He is far from professional and does not inspire any trust whatsoever. This is concerning from a business point of view.
Right now even with the pooling protocol launched the price is going down and that is very concerning. They have to do something otherwise the netspace will go down very soon, in like a month or even faster depending on the price of the coin. The ROI right now is getting worse by the day.

Most people farming in pools are only getting a very small % of the 1.75XCH mined. That’s 87.5% of the block not including the pool fee 1-2%. That’s really not a lot… even the highest earners in a pool will only get something like 0.01XCH, that’s with hundreds of TiB. It’s a bit concerning