Why Missing Key ? What is mistake ? Any way to correct?

I made this plot on remote harvester using Main node keys and fingerprints

chia plots create -k 32 -n 1 -f b4xxxxxxx -c xch102xxxxx -a 420xxxxx -t /home/temp -d /home/dest -r 3

-f is farmer public key of main node
-c Pool contract address which is joined by main node
-a Finger print of main node

But after completion of plot, Plot is displayed by Chia on main node as missing key.

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I think you have to plot without -a flag
If you use -a it automatically selects keys on the local machine.

Just use -f and -c and then should be fine

Can you correct? no, plots can’t be changed, just delete that plot and make a new one

Are you sure you added the right key? If so, is there anything in the logs?