Why not to fire hoff an whole his team?

Chia spends tons of money on usless developers/hoff/marketing and did not make anything which market wants in last 2 years.

Everything failed.

They just spend money of investors and now farmers by selling chia to market which is never supposed to happnd.

Why not to fire them from fondation and then use farmers (ir convert all chia to voting tokens) to vote what shodul be development - whom to hire and whome to be CEO?

I am preatty sure there arу plenty of people on crypto market wich has more expirince than hoff in finding ways how to adpot chia for bigger market usage.


I’ll bite. The personnel were the driving force on this coin - no team and it’ll just be a ghost ship. Foundations tend to be slow moving and too cautious for this space.

A) Not many more people with the resume and history that Gene has in the world of crypto.
B) You are free to start your own blockchain and tech if you think you can do it better.


Which type of “ghost ship” for illustrative purposes so I may do more “research” over the long holiday weekend?


Just the first 10 minutes of the 2002 film Ghost Ship should be enough.

Your post failed.

Aside from the rampant typos and the utter disregard for reality or facts, do you have any constructive suggestions? Or coherent criticism?

For example, how many “people on crypto market” have “more expirince than hoff in finding ways to adpot chia” ??

Why don’t you just fork the code and start your own crypto chain and project, being the indisputable expert on all things crypto and business and market and regulatory environments that you seem to be? Surely you can get listed on at least a dozen exchanges the first week, right? It’s that easy!!!1!

Or go read the hashing out from months ago about the market maker loans so you can actually understand them and the background for that function?

And figure out what “fondation” you’re talking about (maybe start with About Chia Network - Evolutionary Blockchain Technology which explains the company, which is not a foundation or “fondation”).

Maybe look at chia.net and see what the project is about. Maybe you thought their #1 goal was to pump and dump on every exchange on earth? And completely ignored the last 3+ years of the business and the blockchain in support of that misgiving?


But what has the company actually achieved besides hiring and firing a butt load of staff.

World bank gave them a shot because it’s a division that actually doesn’t mean anything, so why not.

The Blockchain is leverage for their company, but they have not used it or their company wisely

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