Why should i bother switching from Hpool(OG)?


Been running Hpool since june, please motivate me why i should bother to replot all my 120TB and switch from Hpool to another pool? Im getting very consistent payouts and from what i can se only a few % less then the calculator shows. Its been running solid for almost 3 months.

is that 120 TB or TiB ?
sorry but if we’re talking about a few% is does make a difference :slight_smile:

Assuming it’s TiB:
You would be expecting to get around 0.000255 * 120 = 0,0306 XCH/day
you are getting around 0,02616 a day or about 15% less.
That, in my opinion, is a small enough difference to consider not replotting. But this depends entirely on your cost of replotting. Personally I like 15% more, even if it is just “on paper”.

NFT plots are much more future proof though and have the benefit of being able to easily switch pools.

BTW, I am preparing a test after having some discussion on this very topic on reddit.
I am plotting right now 111 OG plots on the key I previously used with Hpool.
I also have a second NFT that has 111 plots attached to it.

So when the 111 OG plots are finished I’m going to restart the Hpool miner and also at the same time point my second NFT to a pool (haven’t decided which yet)

That will give me an apples to apples comparison between NFT pool and Hpool OG.
Same machine, same network, same amount of plots.
The only difference will be that the Hpool miner will run in a VM with the external drive mounted directly to the VM.


@Voodoo I like your way of thinking/experimenting. Please let us know the results when you are done.

PS. I would also like to compare results obtained between different NFT pools, i.e. spacepool vs. flexpool. Would be interesting to see how real world results (i.e. XCH payouts) would differ over a period of 1-2 months.

if you do not mind using hpool then there is no reason to switch

I switched because I was tired of running “shady” software to farm (which I had to quarantine inside a VM, which eats up extra system memory), I was annoyed that the hpool website kept changing its domain, and the payouts requiring my personal information.

I have been slowly replotting for space pool instead with NFT’s. Don’t regret it even if my payouts have dipped a little just from the overhead of deleting a bunch of plots

Why spacepool? … don’t ask me why because their tech seems well done, but they consistently underperform in revenue per TIB and we are not talking just 1%

I went with space pool because the founder was the youtube guy whose videos were what I used to get started with Chia.