Why was mainnet launched before pooling support?

I’m kinda curious, without meaning to insult anyone: why was mainnet launched before pooling support was ready? All that accomplished was that the luckiest and wealthiest miners who could afford to throw petabytes of storage on the net at this stage had a decent chance at getting mining rewards, leaving all other people in the dust.
Also, almost everyone will have to replot their plots, which means that there’s gonna be unnecessary strain on SSD’s used for plotting which thus will die even faster. That’s hardly in line with the idea of wanting to be the new green alternative on the crypto market. This will simply lead to more and unnecessary e-waste.

And yup, I know you could join a pool if you sacrificed your mnemonic key and that technically you don’t have to replot (if you’re not interested in more success in a pool), but let’s be real here…

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They didn’t think the netspace would explode the way it did.


Not surprised, but have they said anything to that effect?

The way I see it there were news stories in lesser media about SSD shortages before there was any shortage (arguably there still isn’t compared to HDD). A typical “submarine news” strategy of their major investor a16z.

When Bram Cohen was giving academic talks about Chia 3 to 4 years ago the question of centralization was already obvious. Their competitor spacemesh.io designed around same time focused on these questions.

Finally what Chia Inc cares about is institutional adoption, they want to lend from their premine. Architecture is obviously suited for data centers despite misleading rhetoric (storage shipping with consumer computers is minuscule; as if that wasn’t silly enough proposition they also talked farming on iPhones in their marketing copy). They’d have to be especially inept to be surprised about what happened.


From whatever media I could see the exact reason for separating key elements after launch was to enable smooth progression from one thing to the next.
I agree pools should of been foremost on the list, but the sheer size and scope of the network growth was unexpected from their end.

what i find odd about this whole pool thing is, we already have pool keys and rewards for the block are paid like they will be in pools with a 1/8 payment and a 7/8 payment coming in.

I know because I talk with the devs :grin:

Yes, many times. The whole filecoin filesystem, which is much older, was 5 EiB. They did not expect it to blow up like this.

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You should watch some of the pre-mainnet Q&A’s. This project blew up way, way beyond their wildest estimates. Many of the things you can read from them make sense in a world where total netspace at this point would be around 200 PiB, but are completely inappropriate at 8 EiB mere weeks after launch. Their wildest estimates were thinking maybe 2 EiB by the end of 2021.

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