Will Netspace Stop at Twenty?

I could quit if I wanted to :grimacing:.

I might get another drive in Jan/Feb just for something to do. Chia and dinking around with computers is my hobby so I don’t mind putting a little money into it. Maybe I’ll get fancy with it and pack it with K34’s :sunglasses:.

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The proof is in the pudding…or the reward more accurately. And at this point, there is little profit to be had from farming XCH relative to costs. Go ahead and bash me, but I’m looking at the project as of right now not some imagined future unreality.

There are few ways to turn XCH into cash, cost of farming is stagnant to rising, and development is on hold it would seem…and … and … just waiting for the IPO. IPO?? That will be major, and an uncharted inflexion point for all involved, and all past bets will need to be discarded and re-evaluated. The originators (perhaps, but more than likely) will cash out and move on, and so who will take over the blockchain? And what of managing development? Questions, questions!

Plus there are now alternatives to PoS and they are being better programmed, better managed, and, like a new date you do not know (yet), the future is full of yet untold possibilities.

IMO, right now, 20EB is just the start of a change that will surprise all players :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As always, time will tell.


I find it much more rewarding selling hardware that I had earmarked for Chia. I’m also waiting for Chia to come out with their 20%+ more efficient plots. Seems pointless for me to keep filling hard drives when that improved compression (or whatever they sell it as) comes out shortly. How shortly?

As for what happens to netspace? I don’t see a situation where it’s going to spike again. Most of the potential farmers are actually the ETH miners. Ask them. How do they feel about their hardware investement? Considering most didn’t eat the loss on cards yet and will face that reality. If those people are the target market for farming I don’t see a whole other segment coming into Chia from nowhere. The miners could have been the new farmers. But burn me once? Take a loss on GPUs, only to take a gamble on an even more wishful thinking proposition? POW is largely built on promises. BTC is pretty safe but outside of that I don’t see miners thinking that reinvesting is wise. Nor is it affordable. Sure everyone loves a lazy income. Thing is, this isn’t a cheap capital investment and Chia is the only show in town for all your storage. Sure, maybe Flux can make use of storage but did you notice how all their great plans have amounted to nothingburger?

Chia is in a pickle. A fake $30 value does not fill me with confidence. Somebody(s) kept it from hitting the floor during this bear. But oh yes, it would be right there with the other coins. If it was natural flowing be assured that netspace would be dwindling at a far faster rate.

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You are not the only one. I had to restrain myself hard to not expand my farm. But I ended up buying used drives anyway, to replace all my 8 Tb with 16 Tb, doubling the power efficiency.

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Yeah. Crypto and NFTs are all FAKE and digital and have no value and never will. Creating a value for something that has no value and never will doesn’t inspire confidence to me. We need to let nature take its course and let something that is ultimately worthless gain a value on its own.

I don’t touch my Chia rig except to reboot it or run the occasional OS or Chia app update. I keep telling myself that I will turn my Chia server back into a file server and move all my data off of cloud storage again. If Chia tanks below $15 per coin, I might cut my losses and do just that.

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I think the someone who has kept XCH from hitting the floor during this bear market are the farmers. Do you have any evidence otherwise?

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It’s artificial. I watch this closely enough to figure it out. And I’m not that smart, so it should be obvious to others as well. Another way to say it? It sticks out like a sore thumb.

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@Magnicious I am wondering why you are seeking a high speed plotter? What’s your secret :wink:

How wrong could I be? Now plotting 100% again and netspace is zooming back to 24EiB
and chia price is falling…

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No doubt, the coin was $400 last time we were at 24EiB if I’m reading the charts correctly. At the risk of joining camp FUD, I see why some of the summer of ‘21 crew has moved on.

It’s possible that it’s more than a coin winter, the new hotness (AI / machine learning) may have wooed some of the nerd crowd from blockchain in general.