Will Pmem affect Chia?

Intel goes with new memory or sonething like this

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Near future? Nah, $1500 for the 128 GB stick (the one we would use) and the equipment to drive it would never ROI for a dedicated plotting machine. But you’re probably right though, banging on harddrives was only the start. As time moves on, big numbers in memory and solid state storage are coming. At some point that would mean K33 or K34 plots though - K32 plots would probably be sunsetted by then.

We have purchased Intel PMEM for servers at work this year. We’re just using it as memory, though, not the persistent storage that it’s mostly designed for. (it can be used in either mode) Surprisingly, it’s cheaper than the equivalent amount of RAM, but the performance is allegedly slower. To make up for that, they require an additional 25% of the amount to also be present as regular DIMMs to function as cache. In testing, we found it actually performed BETTER than regular DIMMs for heavy Oracle workloads–but it’s believed that is just because of that extra 25% of memory.


i had a feeling smaller plots wont stand the test of time

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