Will Xeon 2.1GHz Server System work for Chia MadMax Plotting?

I am trying to find a 128GB RAM for Madmax T2 RAM DRIVE.
Got one server system as below. Is the 2.1GHz okay? Please advice.

Yes it will work. Its not the most value/bang for buck. But it works. A r7 3700x or i7-10700 or higher/newer cpu system will shame it for less $.

Or older xeons systems with say 10+ cores.

Edit: missed that it said dual cpus. So convert shame to match and probably higher core cpus needed to beat. But 2.1ghz is slow clock.

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tmp1 is 2x128gb old ssd, tmp2 is 110g ram

I got this potato for ~1000$ since ~2014-2015 and didn’t have much chance to use it since then.
It can do ~24 plots/day and i don’t have a good way to move the plot to the farming machine :frowning:

(well it may or may not do it faster because i only use 16 thread … run at 20 or 24 threads and the computer will turn off. CPU temps are fine, installed fan on chipset heatsink, don’t know what wrong with it)

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Thanks! Madmax will automatically copy the plot to N/w Shared HDD - right?
Why it is an issue moving to farming machine?

It just not fast enough … took ~900s to move the plot into the network shared hdd, and a lot longer if another machine is copying too … ( i have several old i5 / 4x250gb hdd raid 0 doing 6~8 plots/day)