Windows 11 Network Profile

Question regarding the ‘public’ versus ‘private’ network setting for Windows 11; does either of the settings have any bearing on the overall Chia farming and harvesting processes or is the setting only related to windows-based file, print sharing and computer discovery, and have no effect on Chia whatsoever?

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Neither has any effect on Chia ASAIK, but ‘private’ has the most stringent rules. I have never allowed my PC to have ‘Public’ network settings, and wouldn’t advise it, esp. for Chia. I’ve received all my XCH using ‘private’ over the last yr+, if that helps.

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‘Public’ has the most stringent rules. The assumption being that the system is connected to an open/unknown network with potential security threats, so the highest level of firewalling is applied with little to no rules allowed, other than basic web and DNS etc.

Occasionally, I’ve had the odd Windows system that resolutely refuses to be anything other than ‘Public’ even though it’s always been on a local, private network segment. In such cases, I’ve manually added firewall rules in Windows’ firewall to get just the services needed to operate properly. Which is surprisingly little. There is therefore an argument to use ‘Public’ to lock down a system and then allow pinholes through as required. :laughing:


thanks for the feedback mates, I will re-check my settings on all systems and configure accordingly

Correct, public has the most stringent rules. It locks your PC down in the big bad world at large. Private is for local, safe(r) environments, so doesn’t need to be as secure. I said it exactly back aswards fcol!


thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a little off topic but gives maybe a hint. I had massive problems connecting my Google TV running VLC for android to my Lokal SMB share. In principle it worked but only when the machine providing the SMB share was running and not sleeping etc. well after days of frustration it turned out, that setting the amb. shares (a win 10 machine) to private made it work like a charm. I thought these profiles were just names and could be changed to fit whatever I want BUT it looks like private does enables or does prevent certain functions that have deep effect on other settings.

Anyway if u ever encounter any form of network problems or network related problems, changing the profiles from private to public could safe you a lot of headache.

Did you get chia working on windows 11? I gave up on it.

windows 11 both my systems on chia version 1.5.1 one farmer & one harvester 1116 k32 plots no other issues to report

I finally got Win 11 working by deleting all files in the wallet folder in C:\Users\mycomputername \ .chia\mainnet\wallet folder then firing up chia again. Mine was hanging on the keyring fingerprint check after hammering the reload/force reload option.


chia client litereally just wont open. chia processes run in background but i can get no gui.
iv tried every picture setting, different monitors even, different versions, compatabily modes, clean install of windows 11 logs say nothing.
i can not get the client to show/launch
it will do that weird loading thing for a second than its gone.
the first time i installed chia it did open and accepted my key
but every time sense it fails me
on my windows 11 gaming rig.

honestly i switche back to ubuntu with gui and honestly… it runs great in personal cloud vm thru vnc. like butter. no hickups. installed chia using apt and the repository’s so i can upgrade in a in a single command… its coo.

shouldnt have to do anything to get it working on windows. period.

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JMO, but your issues @jonesjr are not with Win11, they must be with you and your machine. Win10, Win11, they both work well enough, if you have a good hardware setup, if you install them correctly, and if you maintain & update them to solve issues. At this point Win11 is fairly mature, heck, MS is talking Win12 FCOL!

I have multiples of both OSs running currently (both for Chia and MMX) and can compare and contrast against each other. There are currently no substantive issues with either that would preclude their use.

And I’m saying this as a techie who detests Microsoft in general, although I’ve made a good living off their incompetence over the decades. Just saying.

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Me to. I literally don’t know what the problem is.

It’s a new gaming rig. Fresh install windows.

When I had chia in a vm on windows it worked… but that was on an. Much older windows version.