Windows: Chia install locations


Can someone tell me where Chia places all it’s configs? Are there any ‘full remove’ instructions available?

I was running 1.1.5 on a win 2008R2 Server, I tried to upgrade to 1.2.2 but was having no luck getting around the infinitely connecting to wallet issue.

I uninstalled & deleted:
C:\Users\GT\AppData\Roaming\Chia Blockchain

However to my surprise, when I gave up (after noticing " Note: Windows installer does NOT support Windows 7!" I don’t recall that being there for earlier versions so abandoned the update) I put 1.1.5 back on - and on startup it quickly passed ‘connecting to wallet’ and moved to ‘Select Key’ and my Keys were there in the list.

I expected after uninstalling, and deleting the above folders the memory for these keys would be gone. Where are these references stored?


Keys are saved in the system keychain. I don’t know what that means on Windows, is that the registry?