Windows GUI plotting finishes but file still named asdsada.plot.2.temp

Is the file copying from the temp folder to the plots folder I specified. The log says:

	P1: 0x10c
	P2: 0x37480c912
	P3: 0x6b5f2723a
	P4: 0x9fdba86d6
	P5: 0xd55addc5f
	P6: 0x10d95612bd
	P7: 0x14e9bdcc96
	C1: 0x190984b196
	C2: 0x19099ee712
	C3: 0x19099ee7c2
Time for phase 4 = 2765.629 seconds. CPU (38.710%) Thu May 27 19:39:12 2021
Approximate working space used (without final file): 269.334 GiB
Final File size: 101.350 GiB

So, is it okay to presume its finished. Can I just rename it asdasd.plot and move it somewhere else?

Seems that is what is happening, after a short while it changed to .plot in the plots directory.

It sits like that until it is copied to the final directory. Could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how fast your drives are… but should copy it over and change the name.

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