Windows GUI why plotting app, farming app, wallet app?

Okay I know CLI is the way to go for various reasons but when making a GUI for something like this, why not make it more intuitive?

Have a plotting app.
Have a farming app.
Have a wallet app.

The farming app could have a switch for full node on/off. If you want to run multiple machines on one network, then one has the switch enabled and the others do not but get pointed to the full node machine.

Plotting machines just do plotting.

This one gui to rule them all, rules nothing, its just confusing.

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short staff i guess… :rofl:

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Because despite all the marketing hoopla about Chia is for anyone with a bit of HD space, etc., i.e., newbies with a PC, the development effort is not for those people, but rather non-Windows OS techies, cli experts, and making pools. GUI is the unloved, forgotten lost child.

This has been discussed in other topics, it would be cool if you could enter “farmer mode” or “harvester mode” during setup.

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I’m using Swar now CLi isn’t really a problem, it’s just a shame a well thought out GUI for something like this isn’t there yet. There is nothing stopping one from emerging though.