Won 2 coins but they not appear in the wallet


I’ve been farming chia for over a year now. Won few times and all coins previously found are showing ok in the wallet. Last night I’ve won another coin but this time it’s not showing in the wallet, amount is exactly the same as the day before. I’ve checked debug log and found this:

2022-06-16T01:44:28.403 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     No wallet for coin state: {'coin': {'amount': 1000,
          'parent_coin_info': 'xxxxxxxxx',
          'puzzle_hash': 'xxxxxxxxxx'},
 'created_height': xxxxxxxx,
 'spent_height': None}
2022-06-16T01:44:28.407 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Adding coin: {'amount': 1750000000000,
 'parent_coin_info': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
 'puzzle_hash': 'xxxxxxxxxxx'} at xxx wallet_id:1
2022-06-16T01:44:28.411 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Start: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2
2022-06-16T01:44:28.412 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Done: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2
2022-06-16T01:44:28.415 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Adding coin: {'amount': 250050001000,
 'parent_coin_info': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
 'puzzle_hash': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'} at xxxx wallet_id:1

and later this:

2022-06-16T01:44:28.419 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Start: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2
2022-06-16T01:44:28.419 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Done: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2
2022-06-16T01:44:28.426 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Start: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2
2022-06-16T01:44:28.427 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_state_manager: INFO     Done: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2
2022-06-16T01:44:28.433 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_node    : INFO     Successfully subscribed and updated 417 puzzle hashes
2022-06-16T01:44:28.460 full_node full_node_server        : INFO     Cannot connect to host ssl:<ssl.SSLContext object at 0x0000023E5018AEC0> [The semaphore timeout period has expired]
2022-06-16T01:44:28.546 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_node    : INFO     new coin state received xxx
2022-06-16T01:44:28.556 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_node    : INFO     new coin state received xxx
2022-06-16T01:44:28.564 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_node    : INFO     Successfully subscribed and updated xxx coin ids

Not sure what’s going on, and why it’s showing wallet 2?

I’ve replaced hash with xxx… but you can see transaction is there.

Can someone please advise?

Which chia version are you running?

It looks like you have created two wallets, and maybe when you start chia, you are providing fingerprint to wallet 2, where the coin ended up in wallet 1?

How Big is your farm?

If you check the transaction on an explorer you can verify if the rewards have gone to the same address as before.

If yes, then probably just a wallet issue. First thing I would do is close Chia, delete the wallet database, restart Chia. If you are on a recent version of chia wallet sync is very fast. Deleting it and then re-sync fixes a host of problems.

If no, then were did it go?


running chia 1.3.4

2666 plots, mixture of OG and NFT

only one wallet showing in GUI with all coins previously farmed

How do I check transaction in explorer?

I’ve just checked wallet db and it’s showing wallet_v2 with file created 9th March, not sure how this happened.


How can I switch to the 2nd wallet?

Then follow what @Voodoo wrote, as usually some crap around the very first v2 wallet db is the problem.

2022-06-16T01:44:28.407 wallet ...: INFO     Adding coin: {'amount': 1750000000000,  ...} at xxx wallet_id:1

2022-06-16T01:44:28.419 wallet ...: INFO     Start: Creating puzzle hashes from 0 to 104 for wallet_id: 2  

The first line shows wallet 1, the second wallet 2, so you have two wallets. Maybe all your previous XCH went to the second wallet, and after you upgraded to v1.3, chia screwed up your preferred wallet, and switched it to be the very first one (that maybe you created by mistake, or just to try it when you were starting with chia).

If deleting your wallet db is not going to give you two fingerprints, you would need to think hard what your mnemonics were for the very first wallet. If you cannot recover those mnemonics, that coin is gone.

What you need to do right now is to check which receiving address you are using right now, and make sure that this is the one that you have mnemonics to.

Sorry, I didn’t notice what is on those images. Those numbers that you have covered with blue are the fingerprints to your wallets. The v1 shows the wallet being used by pre v1.3 chia, and v2 is what is being used right now. So, you have your fingerprints, and most likely if not through UI, you can use CLI to access that first wallet, and xfr your XCH from it to the second wallet.

Also, when you kill your wallet db, just pay attention when chia will start for the first time, whether it will give you an option to select which fingerprint to use. Also, check that folder where your wallets are, and check which wallet (through that fingerprint) is being created (if any, as long as you didn’t select one). There is no harm to have two v2 wallets there, as when you switch wallet through UI, chia will follow that with a new wallet db creation.

Just don’t rush to select a wallet, just start chia, and let it settle down for an hour or so, and restart it. Once you give it some time, most likely it will come back with both fingerprints.

Hi Jacek,

The fingerprint number is exactly the same for both wallets, the only difference in the file name is v1/v2. I’ve been using same fingerprint since start, never created second one.

I’ve deleted wallet DB and resynced it, but it’s still only showing the previous balance, i.e. last night’s reward is still missing.

When chia restarted there was only one key to chose from, same as always.

Only v2 files are now in the wallet folder, no v1.

The wallet db syncing process is very fast (comparing to v1) but rather quirky. You may want to give it an hour or so to settle down, as it goes through synced and then really synced stages. Yeah, the v1.3 code is not using v1 format for wallet db (good), so you should only see v2 files there.

Then, I don’t know how to explain those two wallets in your logs.

You can use xchscan.com to check on the coins you got, and what else is in that wallet. I would start by trying to check on the receiving address for your farming rewards.

hmm so this is even more interesting, checked my receiving address on xchscan.com and result is lower than current wallet status showing in GUI (which is still short of 2 coins from last night)…

how can I confirm if receving address is set up correctly? is it in one of the config files?

in the config.yaml I can see reference to v1, should that be v2?

database_path: wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v1_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite

while looking at the config.yaml, I also found reference to db
database_path: db/blockchain_v1_CHALLENGE.sqlite

In that folder I can see v1 and v2 versions of the db, v2 creation time is the same as v2 db wallet before I deleted it.

what version of blockchain db should be in use? seems I still use v1

Sorry, I am not that good at tracing coins, wallet addresses. Maybe @Voodoo or @Bones can chime in, as they know way more about that side than me.

Although, your wallet shows everything that it received (after eventual removals). On the other hand, services like xchscan don’t really know anything about wallets, as they operate on addresses, and those are just aliases for wallets (so one wallet can have an infinite number of those). So, either xchscan is behind the current bc, or maybe you have used a couple (or more) receiving addresses for that wallet (quite normal to happen during updates). So, when you check xchscan, do not really pay attention to the amount, but whether there something from the past (indicating that it is a good one), and whether it shows the latest (unless it is behind).

As you have masked your logs where you got that .25 / 1.75 XCH, maybe those also show receiving addresses, and maybe you could try those with xchscan. Also, you may want to try some alternative services.

Not sure exactly what you are asking for. When you go to Farming tab, and click on those three dots in the upper-right corner, it will give you a dialog with Farmer Received Address (where your .25 XCH goes), and Pool Reward Address (where your 1.75 goes). Also, if you are using NFT plots, on your Pooling tab, in the NFT block at the bottom you have Payout Address (used for 1.75, if you are pooling). So, not sure whether those ring a bell, or maybe you have saved the old values somewhere. If not, you can go to your Tokens tab, click RECEIVE, and you will have there the latest alias for the current wallet. You can generate one if you feel so. If in doubt, you could use this alias in those other three places. Although, I would wait for someone to go over what I wrote, before you start making changes.

Yeah, that is just garbage. Chia v1.3 only uses v2 wallet db, but when it makes conversion (on the initial upgrade), it doesn’t bother to change config.yaml. This may be either fixed in v1.3.5, or will be in v1.3.6. For now, just change that to v2, but again that is just cosmetics, as the current code doesn’t give rat’s ass about it and proceeds with hard coded values.

Yeah, this is similar one. You should change your config.yaml to v2, as chia is already using the new format (thus v2 in that folder).

Wait, I am confused. You are using European date format, so that is weird. Somehow in March when you first upgraded to v1.3.x, the v2 db was created, but either that process didn’t finish, or something else went wrong, as if all goes right, config.yaml is being modified. The latest time stamp (todays) is on v1 db, and this is what you hve in your config.yaml. This is kind of bad.

So, maybe for time being, forget about your wallet, but focus on bc db. IMO, trying to sync from scratch is just self-inflicting wounds, so download the latest bc (you can find a couple of good links in some other threads). Once you have that downloaded, kill that blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite file, stop chia (reboot), copy the v2 bc to that folder, change config.yaml to v2 and start chia. It will take you a couple of hours or so to fully sync. Once you are synced on that bc, kill your wallet db once more, and give it another 30 minutes to fully sync.

Actually, depending on how strong your box is, instead of downloading that db, you may want to stop chia, reboot, and just run db upgrade process. Just remove that March v2 bc db, as that is old and not worth to bother with. Also, make a copy of you v1, in case something will go South. Once you get it converted (~2 hours, if your CPU is decent), just follow the other steps to start chia. Although, config.yaml should have that v2 change there (for bc db, not the wallet).

can you post a link to bc vc db?

Not to be rude, but someone needs to search this forum. Why do you think it should be me?

No worries mate, only asked as could not find it. Appreciate your assistance with the issue.