Woohoo Finally Some XCH

So to those who have many rewards this will seem pretty pathetic but after spending a couple of months and about £4000, I have finally farmed some Chia with Maxiopool.io. Since I am now plotting at a decent rate this seems like big progress.


How long it takes for you for this farming? How much plotts you got?

I have about 500 solo/OG plots (no reward so far) and now around 60 poolable plots with space for another 500-600. More if I score more cheap SAS drives.

I was much more lucky. With 1000 plots I got 3x2 rewards = 6 XCH.
Now I’m switching all my solo plots to NFT plots…

BTW, be sure to always update client and sync wallet… I had 4 plot rewards waiting for me but didn’t notice my wallet was not sync.
Just don’t give up guys :wink: