Wrong balance on Chia Wallet

Hello. Who can tell me ?! I sent coins to my Chia wallet. They are not on the balance sheet. On xchscan it says that the operation was successful. What can I do to make them appear on the balance in my wallet ?! Please

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Your wallet might not be synced or the wallet db is corrupt. Have you verified wallet sync?


If you are using the official wallet, you can flip the option to light wallet in the options for a minute. This should rule out any db issues.

If using a 3rd party wallet like Pawket, I believe it defaults to the main address so any secondary addresses used won’t be seen (I ran into this issue cycling between both wallets and having farming rewards going to a secondary address from the official wallet).


If above dont help, try deleting wallet db, resync should show correctly.


Thanks guys ! Yesterday I spent half a day watching a YouTube video on how to fix this. Yes, the problem is in synchronization. But, I can’t fix it, I don’t have the “Connect to other nodes” button. I probably need to delete my wallet.

I deleted the wallet and downloaded a new one. But the balance shows 0.

The full Chia wallet is probably going to be your best bet then, it has the full copy of all of the transactions on the network and has access to all addresses tied to your seed phrase.

It is the downside to using light wallets - stuff like this falls through. If the full node / wallet is having trouble keeping peers, you might have trouble with your router / firewall / network that you need to address too.

I mentioned to

The wallet database, so it resyncs.
This is if using the official wallet.

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