XCH Cloud Pool is live

Hey guys,

Our XCH Cloud Pool is live now. We already have some farmers onboard and even 5.5 TB netspace and we’re very happy with it :partying_face: (not too much but honest work, we launched just today)

It took for us 35 days to launch a pool. We started on June 4th.

We’ve originally team of 3 devs with main experience in mobile app development, web and security. None of us wrote in python before (Chia mainly written in python), but now we do and it’s pretty cool.

We started too late so we don’t have much community in socials, but we’re going to continuously improve our pool. We don’t even have a dashboard yet, but the pool itself is tested, protected and it’s stable.

What we can offer that other pools can’t?

Not too much to be honest. There are not much things pool actually can offer at all. But here are some things we will try to accomplish:

  1. Provide support to anyone regarding any questions. We’re not getting mad when people ask questions for beginners, that’s fine.
  2. Keep our pool protected and stable.
  3. Improve our pool. Dashboard is the next step and then we’re planning to do iOS / Android apps. For iOS we will most likely use SwiftUI so it will be available for iPad, macOS and even Apple watch. (but i’m not sure we need an app for watches)
  4. Make an effort to attract new farmers. This is very significant, since most of people want to farm in a big pool and get payments daily / weekly etc.

So yep, that’s all I guess, here’s also a brief info about our pool:

Fee - 0,0025% for first month, 0,005% for second month and 0,01% further. But that’s actually might change downward.

Min payout - No min payout until there’s no fees in the network, once there’s a network fee we will come up with something suitable for everyone. 0,005 XCH is something we’re thinking about when network fee comes.

Payout after each found block without min threshold.

Link to connect - https://mainnet.xchpool.cloud

Guide how to connect - How to connect to (Chia) XCH Cloud Pool - XCH Cloud Pool Blog

Consider joining our pool! Will be happy to see new people in our TG or discord!

Happy farming!

Hi everyone

We’re finally publishing first part of dashboard on our webiste. Mainstats, leaderboard and payouts list available on our website - https://xchpool.cloud (if it’s not or looks obviously bad - clear caches).

If you have any suggestions / issues, please let us know. Now we’re actively working on dashboard, so things will come up a bit faster.

Next steps are:

  1. Farmer page (which is partially done, but we’re not releasing it today). Farmer page will include personal farmer stats and report for stale / rejected partials, plots list and other info.

  2. Improvments of mainnet page.

  3. Login on farmer page. (To set up tag, manage notifications preferences, future integration with apps)

  4. Mobile apps. (iOS / Android / Tables).

Regarding the time to win. We’re currently have est. time to win 17 days. Since we’re farming for quite long already I believe our first block coming really soon. :crossed_fingers:

We’re also preparing to launch some ads and hoping to attract more people to get at least 1 day time to win.

Cheers and happy farming!

I like your site and I appreciate the effort you guys have put into your pool. But I wouldn’t join any pool (or do business with anyone) that doesn’t say who they are. Your FAQ basically says “Who are we?” “We are people”. Anyone that is proud of the work they do and will stand behind it would not hesitate to put their bio in an about section.

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But you joined hpool with your OG plots…
That sounds very contradictory to me if that is your policy!
There are not much pools that really says who they are.

Hpool was the only option at the time and I was very against it but still did it because I wasn’t going to sit around and earn nothing while I waited for Chia to get their pool protocol out (since at the time they blew right past the expected release date with no firm ETA).

PoolChia has bio’s on everyone involved. That is why I’m on that pool.

I cannot agree with you. Cryptocurrencies were created to make anonymity possible. And this applies not only to the users of the pools, but also to the pools themselves (founders).

Anonymity (or partial anonymity) makes it possible not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk. If a hacker knows the identity of the pool owners, he can more easily compromise access to the administrative part or the server, try to hack the founders’ accounts on social networks, etc.

Most of the pools on which I have been mining (since 2009) are anonymous and we do not know about their owners. And trust in such pools builds over time, regardless of whether the creators are known.

At the same time, knowing anything about the founders does not guarantee that they will be more honest with users. A very fresh situation was recently with the cryptocurrency investment platform, when the South African brothers Ameer and Raees Cajee stole $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin and disappeared.


Hey, thanks!
Actually we’re not trying hard to be anonymous. I’m using profile in Telegram with my photo and real name and discord with real name. So you can find who I am and who is our team by googling in a few minutes.

We already experienced hacking attempt of our social meads accounts (LinkedIn, gmail, facebook, discord, telegram), so we decided to remove info about us from the very first page of the website, but you can still find out who we are with little effort.

So really we’re not anonymous at all, we just don’t want to place that info on the very front page.
On the other hand someone who wants to hack us will find out who we are anyway, so maybe we need to write this info somewhere…

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Oof we don’t do this cause Alex currently has over 4 mil in crypto in the pool wallet that only he has access to. No desire to see poor Alex kidnapped. Our company registration papers and legal counsel has our private info but no one else does :stuck_out_tongue:

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Finally our first block was found! :tada:

Reward has been distributed. Block was found by 5 TiB farmer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We’re working on block list and other block stats to show on dashboard. Now you can see 1.75 XCH in payout list.

Height were block was found:


Reward for this block was 2981580 mojo per single point.

Happy farming everyone!

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