XCH Trade-able in USA on Crypto.com

For those who haven’t noticed, you may now purchase Chia Coin (XCH) in the USA on Crypto.com (it’s a mobile app only, no desktop or laptop support).

I have been farming and only noticed last week that I could purchase directly now. At the current prices, it’s cheaper just to buy it directly, though not as fun. :smiley:

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XCH has been on Crypto for a few months now. We still need it listed on big exchanges so we can get above 200 and stay and then the price will take care of itself as CHIA the company moves forward.

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My 1st love for Chia (XCH) is in that it is already green.

ETH’s claims of being green in the future are not yet proven.

XCH is listed on the big exchanges Kucoin (#4), Gate.io (#6), Huobi (#10). I doubt very much it will make much difference to the price in the long term if it was listed on Coinbase or Binance, maybe in the old days but not anymore.

The USA is a large market; of course exchanges here will help.

One thing I dislike about Crypto.com:

I cannot use a limit-order — it only verifies my market order at a given rate. Without a limit-order, it is not possible to verify if Crypto.com is over-charging for the bid-ask spread.

Therefore, it is not suitable for high-frequency trading, only medium or long-term investing.

I have noticed if I draft a Buy Order for 1 XCH versus 2 or 5 on Crypto.com I get quoted a better price consistently. The spread premium is approximately 2% right now for 1 XCH.

If you intend to buy now, you’ll get a better price with multiple small quantity orders. If the market were moving faster, of course, that wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

Crypto.com Support says there is a daily trade limit for orders originating from the Fiat Wallet. If the funds for the trade are in the Crypto Wallet (example: tether), Support says no limit exists.

The other issues as mentioned before are:

No Limit Orders (where you preset the price boundary), only confirmation of Market Orders.

A large fee in the bid-ask spread.

Since XCH is thinly traded, smaller orders are priced more favorably (the fee is proportionally smaller for 0.5 XCH versus 2 XCH for example).

You cannot withdraw XCH to my XCH wallet using crypto.com though.

I have 34 XCH on there and cannot withdraw.

I opened a crypto.com account on android and sent 32 chia to it.
I then set a limit order to sell 5 chia xch to usdt at $54. Nothing happened despite the xch price going above $54.
So limit orders are there but maybe there is no market