XCH wallet tracker

Hi guys,

I quickly developed a simple tool “XCH wallet tracker” which can track balance changes of your wallet addresses. You can receive a notification via e-mail when you hit XCH reward. So you don’t need to stay by side of screen or check chia-explorer time and again.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion.



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Yeh, right. I’m going to go to a Chinese site and download a “tool” to keep an eye on my XCH. This sound fishy as F@$k! If it was on github so the code could be reviewed, maybe. But this is a hard no for me.


Well, it can’t steal your XCH, because it’s a website and all it needs is your public wallet address. Worst thing that can happen is that you get more spam emails or someone can connect your wallet address to an email address.

My advice: If you use this, use a disposable email address.

But why would anyone even need such a tool anymore? I think checking your wallet in the UI, on chiastatus.com or chiaexplorer.com once per day is enough. I’m pretty sure you won’t win more than once per day. :wink:


It’s too bad that I can’t even win once a week! :sob: I really don’t know when I can win.So I feel It’s a waste of time to check every day. After using this wallet tracker, I can receive email notification when I win. It’s easy and convenient.

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Don’t worry about it.It only need your public wallet address and email to check your wallet balance changes. I don’t have any malicious intentions, I just developed a small tool for everyone’s convenience .You can use a disposable email address.

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