You are advised to downgrade from 2.2.0 to 2.1.4

From Discord:

Hey all, we found an unfinished block selection issue with 2.2.0 which can create corrupted blocks in the impacted user’s local database. We recommend users revert to 2.1.4.

The Issue:
2.2.0 may potentially cause your node to ban peers erroneously or to be banned by them in turn.

Next Steps:
Work is underway to provide a tool for validating synced blocks in your local database and an up-to-date Chia DB checkpoint (validated with the tool) for download - you should download this snapshot DB if your node becomes unable to sync or acquire peers. We’ll notify you when both are available to use.

Download 2.1.4 Here:

Our team is available in the support channel.

Install Notes:
For Mac and Linux Users, you should be able to simply install 2.1.4. For PC users, we recommend uninstalling 2.2.0 and installing 2.1.4 – Please take care to preserve your configuration files.

We’re also working to get 2.2.1 put together and out to you soon™


Now having problems with 2.1.4 - seems to be looking for Flexpool, and hanging the full node part when it can’t find a DNS entry for it.
I went though the configuration, it’s NOT in there - seems to be something hard coded.
Only been an issue the last 3-4 days since the DNS entry for flexpool expired.

Perhaps it would be an idea to download 2.2.1

Won’t be long and 2.3 will be out, its currently on rc2

I can’t wait to see the Quality Control they execute for the hard fork.