You don't really have to re-plot from OG to NFT

the most problem OG plots face is cheating, and I noticed that some pool they make a “hack” way to anti-cheating, they just modify your plots file header and make them only readable to that pool(of cause you can recover it), I think it is a very good way to anti cheating, pools in Chia, like YY pool, https://www_chiayy_com/ they use this, and the result is good, you get almost the same XCH as a NFT pool
I have to say I will stay at OG plots, no re-plotting, no annoying inserting disks and noise, every thing is fine, I can just enjoy the XCH coins, 巴适

Thanks, would you like the private keys to my wallet too :laughing: :laughing:

private key does not matter, my plot is in one private key, but the key I use to store my XCH is another one in a very secret virtual machine, nothing can touch my storing private key, and about my plotting private key, who cares, there is 0 XCH in it

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I don’t ever plan to replot. If at some point they force it, i’ll just sell the drives. My 500TB will stay in hpool

I will move to a pool that use the “hack” way I said to anti cheating, that keeps me win the most XCH, as for replotting, forget it, I never ever want to torture my computer my SSD and my ear again, too much noise

Have fun paying your cheaters tax. It was great before official pools, I must admit. Now there are official pools, making more using official.

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I just dont want to replot

Foxy Pool is good for OG plots, you have build up 1.75 collateral before you start getting payouts, get caught cheating and you lose the 1.75, so are no better off. The daily payout is pretty similar to other pools. If you leave the pool for good you get your 1.75 back.

Have to say - I’m having all kinds of issues keeping my Chia database in sync. Which means it keeps coming offline and I spend hours / days trying to re-sync. Meanwhile, good old hpool is just happily working away, reliably, without crushing my CPU or bandwidth.

Hpool looks like the more viable solution right now.

1.75 is too much for me, I even don’t have 1.75XCH,I sell all the XCH every time it reach 0.5

hpool is good, stable, but you only get about 75% reward compared with NFT pools, you can try the pool I said above, https://www_chiayy_com, they modify your plot file, make them only readable by that pool, and you can get the same reward as NFT pools, pretty good(not an ad, and that pool is in Chinese)
I have heard foxy pool, but they need 1.75XCH, that is too much for me