Adding a Tutorials or Guides/How-tos section?

Hi - should we consider adding a Tutorials/Guides/Howtos section of the forum so we could post certain steps with details and then guide people there if they have a question?

For example guide on how to plot via CLI on Linux on a remote machine, and if somebody has a question on that in the forum (and they miss the tut) point them there?

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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I feel tutorials and guides are best linked to from external sites that specialize in that kind of thing. Otherwise we have to keep them up to date, edit them, etc. It’s possible to set a post to “wiki mode” and then anyone with trust level 1 can edit… so at least they won’t get too out of date because then a lot of people can edit them.

It’s really up to @dchuk as he runs this place, I’m just a tech janitor assisting a bit :wink:


I mean, I’m all for the idea, so long as people can make and keep guides up to date. And like @codinghorror said, this would be a good use of the wiki option on threads so that they can remain editable and maintained over time.

If we can get a few folks to volunteer tutorial ideas in this thread, we can give it a shot to actually spin out a category for them here.

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I wasn’t aware of that wiki feature on this forum, but yes that would work great IMO.

We could do also tag as which version it is tested to be working and perhaps last tested etc?

Some subjects that I could help start are:

  • Remote harvesters or how to create plots on a different machine(s) - Linux
  • Basics for plots check
  • How to extract keys from farmer
  • Migrating the farmer from one machine to another

Well you just signed yourself up then to kick off that new section :slight_smile: Let’s give it a shot!