State of the Forum, week of April 25th

I figured it would be interesting to some of you to share the state of the forum every couple of weeks so we can see the community growth over time. I’ll also use these threads as a kind of change log when we switch things up here for people to follow along with.

Traffic Stats Since Forum Launch

We’re up to almost 250 users! Traffic has been booming over the last week, and is steadily higher day over day at this point. I am guessing that as Chia keeps growing in popularity, and the Keybase chat keeps getting noisier, we should expect to see this growth continue. Pretty exciting!

New Categories

Tutorials & Guides

Per the discussion here: Adding a Tutorials or Guides/How-tos section? , we’re going to try out having a guides & tutorials section on the site: Tutorials & Guides - Chia Forum

Users can either create new posts on the forum to house a tutorial, or a post to link to a guide they’ve written elsewhere (like a blog). You can request tutorials here so others can claim the subject and try and write up a good guide: Request a tutorial from the community

Splitting Plotting & Farming Category Into Separate Categories

Per this thread: Separate farming and plotting categories - #2 by codinghorror I’ve split the plotting & farming categories apart. I also moved what I could find specific to farming to the new category, if I missed any let me know.

This new split will probably require some policing from time to time, I’ll try and make sure threads are in the appropriate category. If I miss anything, just @ me or send me a message.

Moving Forward

If you have other suggestions or ideas that could be valuable to the community, please post for us to discuss and see what other changes we may want to make. I don’t want to necessarily end up with a ton of categories, but for the sake of organization, I’m happy to review feedback and make changes like the above.

Keep plotting and farming folks! Good luck out there!


DUDE!! Excited to watch this place grow!! :tractor: