After upgrade to 1.5 no more block win Since 8 July from estimate ETW 6 days

No sure why i got 8320 plots check all the logs and no error … plot pass normally but no more winning since upgrade to 1.5 … normally i got win around 10 days but this time round more than 1 months never almost like 6 times bad luck … any thing that i can check ?

Just asking, when the last time you rebooted your farmer etc?

The last time reboot farmer machine was upgrading to 1.5.0. All things look normal just not wining the block
2 plots were eligible for farming ec1643cb2e… Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.24504 s. Total 1046 plots
2 plots were eligible for farming ec1643cb2e… Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.47423 s. Total 1046 plots
2 plots were eligible for farming ec1643cb2e… Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.12532 s. Total 1046 plots

Checked all harvester all look normal … may be just bad luck. I got 8,320 plots but no luck almost 1 months plus after upgrade. Anyone with solo plot can win the block (farm solo) ?

FYI all harvesters (total 5) also update to 1.5.0

Just wonder any things i did wrong on 1.5.0
I also got total 26,000 NFT plots in Flexpool which 1 - 2 days i will win a blocks but only at Solo plots its look like abnormal (by using flexfarmer.exe)

I have been solo farming since I started, and I have gone months without a win. I upgraded to 1.5.0 on July 27th and my last hit was Aug 3rd. And I have 60% of your plots.

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Then its should bad luck. Wait another months to see got any winning … coz normally i can win solo block at least 1 -2 times sometimes lucky will have 4 - 5 times within months. Once win a block will update this thread again. I just afraid i done sometime wrong on setup.

Did you make any changes in your farmer, is your box bugging you for windows updates, etc.

Check everything

  1. Log level - INFO look ok
  2. Hdd seek time all below 1 sec
  3. Plotcheck ok
  4. only some error on wallet … double spend issue (SpendBundle has been rejected by the FullNode. {‘error’: ‘DOUBLE_SPEND’, ‘status’: 3, ') → already fix by remove wallet and re-sync
  5. Offer tab got bug … once remove wallet db in 1.5.0 … all offer tab transaction gone

After i seeing make sense now … Flexpool also got this issue almost 7 times from estimate to win is 16 mins. its gots almost 2 hours cannot win which

Soloing, most NFT, but some OG, and on -9 days to win- I’ve had a 43 day, 29 day, 26 day waiting spells, and more. Frustrating, and not near the 7 XCH/month farmr suggests for this year. Today, at 12 days and counting…again…

So which of you got all my missing :face_with_monocle: ??

Hold on bro, they should come eventually…I hope!

Hope that netspace will be below 20 eib (hoping) then the chance to get xch is more real. Now look like buying xch is more value than farming as hdd is more expensive.

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Same here, had two wins in March, after about a seven month dry spell. March I had ETW of about 2 months, I’ve added more plots and now at ETW of 16 days, but nothing since March. I’m pooling but still missing those elusive 0.25xch wins.

Just go back to 1.4.0 like I did :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I have gotten some blocks since I upgraded to 1.5.0. Just to let some folks know.

after I upgrade to 1.5 from 1.2.1 , the wallet file was not recognized even if I run chia init, and it create a new wallet , I see the v1 wallet files are still there , but the code could not get the private key and does not recognize the plots file at all. Any one else got the same problem?
Thanks for any information .

Sounds to me like your system is fine and it’s just a slow win streak. We all question our systems when this happens. I’ve had some pretty slow streaks and asked the same questions you are. And then I get a big win streak and it all averages out. I think just doing the log checks like you did is all you can do. I like running chiadog as well.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!!

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Finally after long wait for since 9 July i strike the 2 xch for solo … aug 15. Mean is 37 days … almost like 7 times of ETW (8320 show 6 days) but i got it 6x … all is luck


Of course, after posting the above, I nearly immediately won a block, and now just this morning, won another. Just post you don’t win, and the Chia gods will listen… or something like that :money_mouth_face:


I don’t win, nothing since March, ETW 15 days.

PS Congrats you jammy…

Now that, my friend, seems the action of a vengeful god. I feel for you…

…and your’ve checked all the possibles? …response times …connection …addresses?
How is that possible…how many days wo a win?