Best pcie 4.0 consumer nvme?

Thats exactly what I mean by these small cooler plates. Tey might absorb some heat for short workloads but they do not offer notable surface area to cool the thing on sustained work.

These “coolers” are usually removable (warranty might void)
Can get either with a fan or a fanless one with large fins and a lot of space in between. Even in summer under full load, my drives were under 40 *c

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I might have a little 20mm fan that I can put blowing right on it.


I see the 3.84Tb drives on eBay for around $500. Might just throw one of those on PayPal’s pay in 4 plan. Could also use it to run any VMs that I might need.

I wanst.
Theres that old saying, " what you see in others is what you see in yourself" its called the mirror effect.

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I’m gonna have to agree here, no snark or dunking intended. It’s a big ask to have strangers (us) do 25 minutes of digging through websites and PDFs for specs we honestly don’t have need for ourselves. We can only share what experiences we have and what we already know. Some good brands have been listed already - youtube reviews or manufacturer websites should be the next step for a deeper dive should anyone want to know more.


I would also add that quoting stuff from some self-help click bite pages is not helping either.

Saying that, we have more and more request for help in the form “shit happened, please help.” On several occasions, when help was provided the OP was snapping back at those that wasted their time to help such entitled shithead.

Maybe instead of guessing what happened, the first post should be to reply with a link to “how to get support - read first” post - How to Get Support - READ FIRST. It is really nauseating repeatedly asking people to provide screenshots or error logs, or going over what was already posted in a different thread few hours before.

Basically, replying with that “get support” article removes potential misunderstanding of what intentions of that person are.


I wasn’t asking for 25 minutes of digging on the internet… Where did you get that from? I was asking what your personal preference is to consumer grade nvme is. What do you use… Jesus. I’ve been a member here since this place opened and probably run farms larger than all of you. I know what I’m talking about/looking at when it comes to Chia. It’s just that most of my gear is old v2 equipment that only supports pcie 3. I know what works well on it. Was just wondering what worked well for all of you… Next time I’ll just keep my questions to my self and all of you old assholes can just talk to each other on here. Fuck…

I have much respect for both of you, so really didn’t intend to go after either. I was just saying that with the few recent posts, maybe we all are getting tired, and the reply threshold got lowered.

So, let’s call it a day, and move on, as there is no point for any post-mortem, you both didn’t mean harm, it just happened.


By the way, from what you have wrote previously (long time ago about your setup), if you have a bunch of plots to do, I would consider going with 512 GB RAM, specifying two 247 GB RAM disks (MM all in RAM), and go straight from RAM to your final destination using scripts (so you can parallelize that part). This way, you don’t need any intermediate drives (or at least as long as you are far away from the HD being full). Sure, that is only covering k32/MM, but I fail to see a reason to plot anything else (at least before plot compression will be resolved, and MM will have GPU support).

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Was it intended to? ( 20 chrs )

Hardly things that should expect " helping " responses.

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Why would you do that when NEW 4tb nvme start at 370 (including tax)???
can definitely get a good new one for that price?

the one above is not my recommendation, its just the cheapest 4tb i could find :wink:

Good thing as Tome’s Hardware’s take on it is not complimentary, showing cheap is just that, cheap.

  • QLC and DRAM-less - Low TBW -Still some performance pitfalls
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I can’t buy an RTX 3090 because Fuzeguy didn’t give me my monthly allowance yet!!! Then I also have to replace my CGA monitor.

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No worries, everyone’s Xmas stipend is right around the corner :gift:


I’d challenge your presupposition about pcie 4.0 and consumer as the right tool for the job.

Enterprise SSDs at pcie 3.0 get the job done. Depending on your motherboard, you’d just need certain adapter or a cable, and wouldn’t hurt to set a fan blowing on it directly.

You can find decent used U.2 NVME with oodles of endurance. For example, Intel p4500 or p4610 have something like 12PBW rating and can take sustained load no problem.

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Always my luck

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Has pcie 4.0 become relevant for plotting?

The underlying speed of the NAND cells is more important for sustained write speeds, any buffer that can utilize pcie 4.0 speeds is rather meaningless with plotting as far as I know.

Or have I missed something?


I boight the sata version instead of u2 lol, lesson learned, not all ssd are made equal.
Still, will last me years im sure.

i have a question. I am using i9 9900k processor. I have 32gb ram. My motherboard supports gen3. Is it okay if I buy a gen4 nvme suitable for chia plot and connect it to the pcie slot with the product below?

[](https://NVMe PCIE adaptör kartı M.2 NVME PCIe X16 adaptörü)

you can use pcie 4 nvme but wont have any notable advantage. The only thing you get is a higher price.

Your expander card is likely not really nessessary with modern plotters.
Put 2 m.2 ssd in mainboard and use a 3rd one via sata for the opperating system

(except if your mainboard does not have nvme slots in the first place)