Bladebit GPU plotter - beta

I thought I’d make this topic, since we where getting the Gigahorse topic fouled up a bit :sweat_smile:

What are you using to farm these plots from Bladebit_cuda?
That link only has Linux files.

@drhicom yes all alpha/beta still. Farmer is being tested now in the beta program


So just to be clear, these are not release version, just builds for testing purposes. But I’m running it now on win10 and haven’t had much issue yet.

@BlackEgo try this for moving plots around, works great:

Not sure about the destination thingy in bladebit itself, but well…it’s called alpha build for a reason, sure it will work when released.


You are super! THANKs.

can you provide a chia farmer for linux ?

that should be this one I think:

But best thing to do is just sign up for the beta program, and get all the info there actually

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Thanks for the link. The last dev download was ChiaSetup-latest-dev1-7-1rc3-dev29.exe, Might you know why they took the dev download off the download page?

No idea, sorry and 20 character

Thank you very much.

I will participate for Chia Beta program.

good evening,
do you know how plow working? example on the video he added 5 hard drives. is it sending one by one?
1th plot generated then go hard drive 1
2th plot generated then go hard drive 2

yes like that. It just loops through the list of drives. each new plot goes to the next drive and at the end of the list it goes back to the first drive in the list

dear vodo,
my all servers runing on the windows and that is wht my plotting speed is slow.
if i send dm to you can you help me about building plotter on ubuntu?

I cannot do anything, I “only” have 128GB RAM.

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What plots are you trying to make?

I cannot make K32 with bladebit cuda. With Gigahorse, I can K33 (but not in 10 min like 32… 1 hour with 3 ssd and 128RAM).

Tell me please, is it possible to use cards with 6GB of memory?
On GigaHorse I draw quickly using “-S 3” and graphics in K32 C7

How to be here? I have RTX A2000 and I’m ready to try / give feedback, but what to try, what to do ??

[Bladebit CUDA Plotter]
Selected cuda device 0 : NVIDIA RTX A2000
CUDA Compute Capability : 8.6
SM count : 26
Max blocks per SM : 16
Max threads per SM : 1536
Async Engine Count : 5
L2 cache size : 3.00 MB
L2 persist cache max size : 2.25 MB
Stack Size : 1.00 KB
Total : 5.62 GB
Free : 4.65 GB

Allocating buffers (this may take a few seconds)…
Kernel RAM required : 90240524288 bytes ( 86060.07 MiB or 84.04 GiB )
Intermediate RAM required : 2999001088 bytes ( 2860.07 MiB or 2.79 GiB )
Host RAM required : 168443248640 bytes ( 160640.00 MiB or 156.88 GiB )
Total Host RAM required : 258683772928 bytes ( 246700.07 MiB or 240.92 GiB )
GPU RAM required : 6140243968 bytes ( 5855.79 MiB or 5.72 GiB )
Allocating buffers
CUDA error: 2 (0x2 ) cudaErrorMemoryAllocation : out of memory

*** Panic!!! *** Fatal Error:
CUDA error cudaErrorMemoryAllocation : out of memory.

at the moment, Bladebit requires 8GB of GPU memory (I have heard someone getting it to work on certain 6GB card I think, but dont know how)

The actual VRAM requirement is listed in the log:
GPU RAM required : 6140243968 bytes ( 5855.79 MiB or 5.72 GiB ) So that would be 6.14 GB of free memory required.

I dont know if or when the requirement of Vram might go down.

are these plots made by this plotter usable for farming/winning in mainnet already?

Yes, but only with a specific dev version of the chia client

thank you. and there won’t be any fee?

Where can I find instruction on how to run Bladebut CUDA on ubuntu?

step by step how to. Not a linux person here.


Voodoo will be with you in a minute, he’s taking care of a Linux issue.

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