Block Reward to Wrong Address

I’m on Spacepool and have had pool rewards trickling in for over a year. I got my first block and the reward doesn’t show in my Windows GUI Farm / Wallet.

I read Spacepool’s doc and also this post (here too) it seems like the address in my Farm > Manage Farming rewards - is different to the wallet in the GUI (where pool rewards are coming in). Also in that screen I see a warning…

“No private keys for one or both addresses. Safe only if you are sending rewards to another wallet.”

I don’t know what happened. I suspect the block reward went to the address defined, which I think might be my original address. Somewhere along the way upgrading the Chia client, maybe a new wallet was generated? I’m really confused though… since the config file has this address.

Question is - which is my real wallet address? I have 24 words for only one wallet. At no point did I generate a new wallet, as I would have noticed it asking me to record the 24 words.

Edit: I restored with the 24 words on a different machine, just a wallet. It has a third address. But when I look at the “Contact tab” the wallet address there matches the wallet address in the Contact tab in my farm client. So I’m guessing it’s the same wallet address across both (with different receive addresses maybe? I see there is a cycle button). Still begs the question… why are block payouts going to this other address?

When I explore to the defined block reward address, sure enough 0.25 XCH is in there plus a few fractions (likely from a faucet)

If you dont have the key theres not much you can do.

You can try adding any other mnemonics you have used to see if they have the required key.

I advise to always check payout addresses after updating the client.

Yeah if I loose the 0.25 XCH it’s not about the money. It’s trying to figure out what happened. Also a bit soul destroying given the countless hours I have invested, and waited.

Is this a common thing? Gut feeling (99%) this was not me dicking around with multiple wallets… then how?

Early on many ppl reported updating client and finding unknown addresses as their selected payouts and strange pool info entered in .yaml

So its always best to check them after upgrades to be sure.
Sorry for your loss.

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Well that sounds like a total f’n scandal that would undermine an entire ecosystem.

Have you ever had more than one mnemonic?

There will be a cli command to show your keys to see if that address is controlled by your masterkey.

So you can research cli and commands to figure that out.

If it is you have access to it.
If not try any other mnemonics youve used.

Nah. I’m pretty meticulous in that respect.

OK I have CLI working. Can’t seem to get the right command. Tried calling it with mnemonic and it’s spitting out a derived key I don’t recognise. The original parent wallet address is expected. I can’t see a specific command to display any that the parent key might be able to access (including the block payout address configured in my GUI)

Below command is with my master wallet

Afaik you hsve a masterkey, keys are derived from that as needed so im it sure how things get expired.

More research needed i think, i dont have the answers for you unfortunately.