Rewards went to wrong address

So today I finally found a block while pool farming, however, I could not find the .25 Chia reward at first. I have two sets of private keys on my farmer. One set farms OG plots on HPool, and the other set farms pool plots on Space Pool. The Space Pool plots hit a block, but the .25 Chia was paid out to my HPool farming address? I double checked and my Space Pool payout address is set to the correct address and keys? Has anyone else seen this and why would this happen?

I’m not familiar with HPool (never used them). But don’t all payouts and transfers end up in the same wallet?

A wallet is tied to your keys, but each wallet can have multiple addresses. Any payout to any of those address should end up in the same wallet.

Also, my client says 0 blocks farmed while Space Pool shows 1 block farmed.

Thanks for the reply uChiaFarmer. The wallet it went to was for a totally different set of keys though?

As far as I know, that shouldn’t be possible. My guess is the payout address your have at space pool is directed to your other wallet (the same one you have with hpool).

Figured it out. In the “Pool” tab, my payout address is linked to my Space Pool keys, but in the “Farm” tab, if you click on the menu up in the top right and click “Manage Farming Rewards”, it says “Note that this does not change your pooling payout addresses. This only affects old format plots, and the 0.25XCH reward for pooling plots”. The address listed here is my original farming address from my first set of keys that is linked to my HPool plots. Changing this to my new address and it should prevent it from happening again. Now I know!


I saw this posted on another forum… My question is this…

In the GUI → Farm → 3 dots → “Manage Farming Rewards”

Are the “Farmer Reward Address” and “Pool Reward Address” listed here supposed to be the same as my

Wallet Tab → “Receive Address”
Pool Tab → “Payout Address”

Are all these addresses supposed to be the same if I am maintaining 1 wallet and I want all funds going to that 1 wallet which is mine?

Hpool will not take ur 0.25 BUT core pool do it. even if you change your address back to your own address, the core pool APP will automatically change it back to their. 3 weeks ago i win my 0.25 from Hpool

Yes, the same address should be listed in both places if you want it going to the one single wallet. I have since hit another block since changing the farming rewards address to my Space Pool address, and I received the .25XCH as I should have.

HI dear friend, so whats about the first reward, did you received it when you updated your “Farmer Reward Address” or did you get lost ?

So in my case first I used the app it was automatically set "Farmer Reward Address” in my app their address “xch1f0ctuf9v9yj2rjvqmrvrh4d23y3a8mav8gfc6xrex2nhsslx7yss3u3t3p” I recognize it only when gat the first reward, now I updated mine but didn’t get my xch, any idea how I can get back?

I’d check they didn’t change ot back when you next connected.

I’d also put your address in an explorer and check it’s balance.

Also what reward , pool, .25 , or 1.75?

it’s 0.25 --comment is short

OK, check your payout address in gui.

If it didn’t go to you, pool most likely got it.

Oops , I was slightly wrong here, long day.

The .25 goes to the address you specify in the gui, a pool should never be changing that.