Chia Blockchain Windows 10 crashes every few day. What to do?

Hello. The program crashes on average every few days. After a crash, it does not sync. Overwriting the .chia directory from the backup does not work, the database does not synchronize then, the program status itself is displayed as: not connected. So you have to restart synchronization every few days. Syncing from scratch takes around 30 hours. And what if the database file is not 15GB, but 1TB? Firstly: the synchronization will then take not 2 days, but a few months, secondly: there is no space on the drive on which CHIA is running, and during installation it is not possible to specify a path other than the default, i.e. for Windows 10 it is the system drive. Why is this file not divided into smaller ones? Maybe it would be easier then with some backup?
To sum up: something is wrong. I invested 3000 € in the equipment six months ago. I have 337 plots and zero XCH after half a year. In addition, I spent hundreds of euros on electricity and data transmission. This is an investment that will never pay off. In addition, it wastes a lot of life, because you still have to synchronize it from scratch and keep an eye on it. It is a toy for those who like to waste time and money.

It shouldn’t crash every few days, your system must be unstable, I’d start with sorting that out.
Are you still plotting? If so, how?


What do the system logs show?

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Doing so many things wrong. You spent 3k, then only made 300 plots and expected something to happen?

Hello, yes … I am still plotting. After a crash that happened 3 days ago, I synchronized the chia from scratch and it was launched yesterday evening again. But like alway I had to sychronize it from the scratch.

Windows 10. Which file should I check?

Some machine specs might help.
How many plots are you creating at once?
Have you tried madmax plotter to see if it stops the crashes?

Are you on version 1.2.4 or 1.2.5?

I am not creating new blocks now. I stopped investing. I am currently using Chia Blockchain 1.2.5 with 337 plots. Where can I find Madmax plotter?

If your finished making plots madmax won’t help.

Okay. Is it possible to somehow avoid synchronization from scratch after crashes? Copying the .mainnet folder from backup does not work. It takes longer each time.

There’s 2 files you can copy, but when you back them up you need to shut down the chia client first, or else they get corrupted when you copy them.

It’s the 2 files in the db folder.

Hi Bones, I have 6 files in the db folder. The first important is clockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite … which is the second?

Hmm, OK, I’ve looked in mine, which now also has 6, I’m assuming this is down to nft data.

I’d copy them all, but as I said, be sure to shut down client first, as those files constantly update, so will get corrupted otherwise.

Yes Bones … I always turn off the miner before copying data. But it doesn’t work. It is exactly like this: when I restore data from a backup when miner is working normally everything is fine. But when I restore data after a failure, Chia Blockchain can’t start. It is always “Not connected” or frozen. Perhaps other files are important … also those in the% USER%\AppData\Roaming\Chia Blockchain directory. (I also restored them). Maybe some entries in system registry are crucial, mayby another folder. I don’t know, but simply copying directories from backup doesn’t work. After the next crash, I will send you a screenshot.

I’ve experienced that, but only once, and it was as I hadn’t shut down chia before backing up.

I know it always used to be the recommended way, and used to work, but that was before we had NFT’s when there used to only be 2 files in that folder.

But now we have 6 :slight_smile: :thinking:

Sorry you feel that way buddy, I understand it’s frustrating for you.
But in 6 months and you still dont know How to check your logs ? What is your system specs? And have you considered switching to Linux?

I can advize you to format an ssd (may be 120 GB) and install a clean windows 10. Make the power settings ( no sleep for the drives and usb). Then start chia gui.