Chia complete guide - Review, Best Hardware, Plotting & Farming

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I have recently started to do my research on Chia and also build a plotting (updated) and farming pc. As usual i will try to be very specific in my guides. Here is my contribution to Chia, hopefully those will be helpful for some of you:

  1. Chia Review
  2. Best Hardware for Chia Plotting
  3. Chia Plotting & Re-plotting for Pool Guide

Up Next:
4. Best Hardware for Farming Chia

I will update the links as soon as new articles are published.


I like you choice of plotter because i have almost the same machine :innocent:

Havent read it too well but it seems a pretty good guide and important that these get updated as there is a lot of outdated stuff out there.

However i think you are missing one of the best options out there: older servers.
Price/performance really seems best on dual xeon e5 series or even older x series.

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i am more focused on consumer components, server grade users are much more advanced and also don’t use windows :slight_smile:

thanks for your entry, once i finish this series i will try to take a look at the servers as well, do you have something to link?! tomorrow i will have new one published

Dude with 0 XCH writes a guide about plotting and mining chia without earning anything. Priceless.

Here is his GUI:

sooo… what’s wrong with that? :slight_smile: what’s wrong with writing a tutorial ? do you know 1stminingrig website what is about ? :slight_smile:

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Nothing is wrong with that, thanks for your contribution, unlike that swiss prick above you who does nothing but trash other peoples posts with disinformation and superiority complex to make up for his wee pee pee.


funny is that his nickname is “Chia.Switzerland”, like he is/manages the community for that country supporting Chia :upside_down_face: but looks like he is opposite to that :))

updated links with plotting tutorial and setup

U should add a section about RAMDisk,
not because of the speed but for the SSD-live.
From a certain number of plots on (2k?), its definitely a must.

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