Chia GPU farming sheet

I know there is a chia GPU sheet for plotting

I am looking for something similar that shows information for farming. How many plots a certain GPU can handle (grouped by compression levels).

Specifically I would like to find the best bang for the buck GPU both in price and energy consumption in various scenarios.

Does such a sheet exist?

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Please note that both these docs are for Gigahorse plotter and farmer. Also the one I linked lists results for filter 256, so that will be the max farm size after june 2024 (today it’s double that).

Now Gigahorse new verison will release very shortly, likely this week, and will have better compression and different max farm results, so might want to wait a bit before making a decision.

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GH plots study

BB official C7 test farm with just 350TiBe added +50W due GPU overhead (RTX 3060Ti). According to BB simulations, it should handle 1.2PiBe…no idea how GPU wattage scales…my guess is, it will run flat out + ~100W

GH C5 was the most efficient for me just with CPU.

BB C5 still crap for Ryzen 9 3950X @ 4GHz. GPU still uses +50Wh

BB C4 the best solution for me, running happily on old E5-1275v3. About 400TiBe replotted, and I still see no wattage increase on 1PiB farm.

If you pay for electricity the usual European price ~0.3$/kWh…forget about GPU farming.

For the new Gigahorse compression levels, this seems to be the most likely farm sizes that a 3060Ti can handle when it is released.

For the new NoSSD compression levels, this spreadsheet might be useful. If you make a copy you can alter the parameters to fit your farming setup.

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One additional mention for this, those results are with pool-difficulty 100, so simulating pooling scenario.

Result for solo should be a bit better I think as that is much lower difficulty.

Correct, but how much better would require a bit more knowledge on exactly how the compression is being done to know how much more expensive a full proof lookup is vs a quality lookup. I believe for GH C6-9 that full proofs were 4x more costly than quality lookups, but as compression goes up this difference gets smaller. Hopefully more details regarding that are released sometime soon.

yes, well we should know soon anyway, then we get a new google sheet with plot times and maxfarm sizes