CHIA GUI 2.0.0: Be careful, isn't reading compressed Gigahorse Plots (at least not my C8 ones)

Hi there:

Yesterday, I saw that the new 2.0.0 CHIA GUI version was available and I decided to try it and see how it works.
Release 2.0.0 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

I should say it has several goodlooking stuff and a fresher image, a lot of news, bla, bla, bla, but…

… at least in my case and after several attempts to solve it, is not reading my compressed C8 Gigahorse Plots (farming with my Nvidia 3060 GPU, obviously with Gigahorse Farmer opened first as MadMax published procedure. I suspect that this new version might be programmed for not reading Gigahorse compressed Plots; if you read their release notes, they are only mentioning Bladebit, but no clue of Gigahorse).
Version 2.0.0 Release - Chia Network

So, I had to go back to 1.8.1 version (not even was solved with the 1.8.2 version, which I already have been using without problems lately). Now I am farming normally with 1.8.1.

Somebody has try this new 2.0.0 version? Should I fix something?

@madMAx43v3r Max can you have a look on that? Will you release a 2.0.0 version of the Gigahorse Farmer?


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I think it was said that a Gigahorse 2.1 will come out after Chia 2.1.
It all takes time…


The 2.0 GUI is not compatible with 1.8.x GH, there’s been big changes to the RPC interface.


what is wrong with 1.8.2?

Chia will never support GH plots, and Max has always said versions need to match, so no surprises that it doesn’t work.

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The official Chia released software will never use gigahorse plots because they come from a 3rd party which requires their proprietary closed source binary so you can’t easily bypass paying that 3rd party to use them (although its still possible and rumors are some have started bypassing it).

So since gigahorse farming software is not from Chia, you’ll always need that 3rd parties non-official closed source binary to farm their plots. (this is why many waited for the open-source code from Chia and some are planning to replot now, so they are not locked in to closed-source for any updates)


Maybe that is not the best interpretation.

Chia got about $70m VC money to build business on the top of the blockchain (i.e., making the blockchain / ecosystem successful), not exactly to make a preferential software. Also, part of that money was assumed to go for 3rd party grants to improve / strengthen the ecosystem.

That’s being said, over a year ago NoSSD introduced the first compression and was first viciously attacked, then offered not even a lunch money to open up the code. Few months later, Max had his compression ready and was in talks with Chia to open it up. They offered him less than $10k (not even a month worth of salary, so basically a joke). Over a year later, having spent about $200-500k on developing their own compression, they are still in the woods.

I would assume that if they offered around that $500k to NoSSD, they would be happy to take that offer, and the ecosystem would not need to go through all that drama that is happening right now (most likely, closed-source GH would never happen).

All 3rd-party devs at the end of the day need to bring food home. Chia ecosystem is rather too small for 3rd-party open-source projects to sustain devs and it doesn’t look like those grants are helping much. With other blockchains part of the mined earnings (or pre-mines) go to 3rd-party devs to improve the ecosystem, move the bc forward. Chia’s grant program is so far doing not enough (or rather nothing) to help those devs. If you look at various chia related projects, more or less all are dead because of it (most of those open-source projects were abandoned).

Lastly, as Chia calls their client “Chia reference client,” don’t you think that as a reference client, they should look into a plug-in architecture for harvesters, etc. (so something like NoSSD or GH libs could be dropped in providing harvester extensions thus letting people farm a mix of plots at the same time, testing what works).


I think you’re trying to conflate what I said with a separate fight you want to start, don’t do that, it has nothing to do with what I said or the point I was explaining.

I pointed out, a 3rd party made something proprietary in order to prevent people from bypassing payment to that 3rd party, in doing so, the only way for that item to be folded into the officially released software would be to open-source it, thus, ending their ability to make money from that closed secret.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch and try to pick some other fight about whether it should be done, or how it should be done, or past history with events, NONE of that has anything to do with my point that it will never be folded into the officially released software as a closed-source item, period.

I don’t get why this is provoking such a strong reaction from you with your attempt to tangent to a whole other discussion unrelated to this thread topic, nobody is saying the 3rd party can’t do what they want, just don’t expect others to add closed source software to open-source software.

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I don’t know, but as Max mentioned, should be a technical issue between 2.0 GUI and 1.8xGH (RPC interface).

why 1.8.1 is better than 1.8.2?

yeah too bad, this way we will never see $1000 per xch …

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I currently have about 1 PiB of Gigahorse plots. Does it make sense to do a replot under Bladebit? As it seemed to me, the compression is higher there:

The ratio is 130/78 = 1.67 (C7), while GH has 101/71.3 = 1.42 (C8). And besides, I do not know if Bladebit has a fee? GH has ~ 3%.

GH compression is higher, C7 BB is lower compression than C7 GH.

See the little e after 130GiB it means effective, I’m not sure why it’s displayed the way it is in your screen shot.

A BB C7 gains 30% more space, IIRC a GH C7 is 34%, so the additional decrease in size more than offsets the fee, that’s the way I understand it anyway. Use GH C8 and that’s 40% increase in effeciency.

It is unclear why BB has a compression ratio of 30%? 130/78 = 1.67, GH has an effective plot volume of 101 GiBe, as I understand it, and again 101/71.3 = 1.42. In addition, BB has official Chia support and no commission (or does it exist?)

how about c7 plots created with gigahorse? are they able to be farmed on official chia 2.0 ?

It didn’t work for me

No - Chia does not support other software’s plots, no matter what the C rating

You are using the wrong sizes,130 is not the size of a plot, 101GiB is.

Actual sizes in GiB

C0 K32 plot = 101.4GiB
C7 BB K32 plot = 78 GiB
C7 GH K32 plot = 74.6 GiB

101/78 = 1.2948717 Bladebit Chia

101/74 = 1.3648648 GH Madmax

Use the correct values and the maths will make sense.

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It’s still unclear where the number 130 came from… And why not 101. See the screenshot please:

I think that must be a bug in the GUI, I posted on their Discord channel, it really should say effective plot size: 101GiB. Mine shows the same error.