Connected decorative button in gui


sometime it displays 3 connections, sometimes just one like on screenshot, has anybody have an idea why?

1.3.5 version and three harvester, doesn’t have other issues, everything is synced and farming

2022-06-19_9-46-02 - connected button

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If I restart windows it is 3 connected. If not generally 1. I also want to know what is it and what does it mean?

Easiest way, I would think, would be to read the code and see what it does. However, I briefly tried and could not discover the code required. O r ask on Keybase, they may help.

should be the connected inbound farmers/full nodes to ur fullnode, includet ur own farm.

sorry i don’t understand

A while ago a few of us tried to figure out what that number was in this thread, and why it varies. We didn’t find a concrete answer and consider it buggy due to inconsistencies called out throughout the thread.

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i see! alright thanks for clarification. i have suspected something like this.