Crafting mm solo farm plot

Been a long time and I’m fuzzy

I can find nothing on how to craft a solo plot, an og plot. With mad max.

Does max max only work with creating plots for pools?

I’m using Linux Ubuntu cli

Do I just run my start command - my contract address? Er what.

There’s really no reason to create a pre-PlotNFT plot anymore. Hasn’t been for two years and change.

If you don’t want to use pools, you can, and should, still create a PlotNFT, plot to it, and self-pool/self-farm with it. Pooling User Guide · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

If you really absolutely positively have to create an outdated format plot for some reason,

chia keys show

will show your pool public key and farmer public key, and you use -p -f instead of -c -f as arguments. You can apparently even make compressed plots with the gigahorse cuda plotter to a pool key instead of contract key/plotnft.


i really appreciate your answer. i know someone could clear this up for me here. thank you

if your curious, iv decided to quit pooling… for now. theirs something i have to try that keeps me up at night. a plot duplication technique. from the early days.

i need to know if the flaw/vulnerability/bug still exists and if it actually works to earn chia

so im going solo

take care.

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Man, that beast is dead, dont frankenstein it.


Here we go again, I really had hoped this person had moved on.

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and yet, chia client still cannot detect duplicated plots over harvesters, this is quite ridiculous because it is so easy to fix, but …

although frankly speaking im not sure about latest version, maybe it was fixed

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:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

A lot of time has passed. And I’m bored.

Appreciate all the support tho thanks guys.

I know it works with pools (but quickly banned) but I never fully committed to solo plot duplication….

So I’m going for it.

Sense this is clearly such a hot topic I’ll make sure I update.

If the flaw still exists that is.

After all we’ve been through regarding this topic, let me start by saying I wish you luck and I hope you can show use honest to goodness actual proof this time :slight_smile:


The drunken master found the copy>paste function of his OS, let him enjoy it.


Im willing to be much more open about this.idc anymore. If it works, it could spell the end for chia or they would need to actually patch the issue(wich I don’t think they can). If it doesn’t work, o well then im wrong.

No this is a magical line of code I add to a lxc container in proxmox. This allows me to mount the same external hundreds of times. All that I have to do is automate the harvester creation process. Giving rise to a harvester army each holding 50tb of plots. Indistinguishable from the chia farmer, my farm will show on network, Pb’s of plots when I only have 50 tb authentic plots. No errors.

But I haven’t tested this solo. Like I said. Doing this technique with pools gets u banned (because they can see how many harvesters I am using I believe) im willing to bet that solo farming, I’ll be able to get away with it.

Not as simple as copy paste.

But if that’s how ur mind needs to understand it.

Than That’s okay too.

had to update lol. 2.0 is cool tho

How many times can a plot id win a reward per block?

If you have multiples of the same plot id, how many times can it win per block?

Once, game over, why pools booted you for fraud and stealing of their honest partipants.

As we have explained many times over.

i agree. pooling was a bad idea. it was not my intent to use in that way. it just happened that way.

can someone get banned from chia?
is there such thing as cheating? js

so i can confirm the bug does still exist…i am able to increase my network space by simply adding harvesters, using the same storage. huhg i gues now its time i try and exploit it. for the sake of chia i guess

i have 20 harvesters… and my farmer doesnt realize they all have the same plots… but my total space is counting everything together. no errors anywhere.
happy to share any of my config to prove me wrong that this wont work.

yeah the GUI bug is still there, but in the end it doesn’t matter. All you did is make copies of your lottery tickets, you did not create additional tickets, so your chance at winning is the same as before…


It likely works on a pool as you’re paid pro-rata based on estimated space, until they kick you off.

But solo, it makes no difference, only one plot can win, doesn’t matter if you had a hundred copies of that plot you’ll still only win once, just like you would if had just the one copy.

eligible plots per signage point is going up… no duplicate plots detected… no errors to anywhere…
maybe i just like the feeling of having 20x my space, showing in my gui.

what els can i check for errors. cause if everything looks fine… why wouldnt it be