Dl380 g8 2x 2697v2 384gb - slow plotting

Hi! i have dl380 g8 2x 2697v2 384gb - slow plotting
System Windows Server 2016
ramdisk osfmount
start plotting with powershell and plot create 180min - very slow
i try change -r 24 , 48 - no effect
tmp1 - 110 ramdisk
tmp2 ssd intel p3600
problem windows or hardware?

What plotter do you use? Bladebit or Madmax? Maybe its your ramdisk.

I think your ramdisk is slowing you down. I’m using a Amazon.com: ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIe 3.0 X4 Expansion Card V2 Supports 4 NVMe M.2 (2242/2260/2280/22110) Upto 128 Gbps for Intel VROC and AMD Ryzen Threadripper NVMe Raid : Electronics
With qty 4 Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME
I 'm making 3 min plots
You didn’t say what type of plot your making and what type of video card your using.

Given his description I’d say they’re using the old Madmax plotter (not Gigahorse), and thus they are not GPU plotting.

Do Linux. I have a similar Dell system. Windows just doesn’t work with dual CPU.

Mine is dual 2680V2. Bladebit CPU plot does 25 minutes. You can do mad max all ram with your 384GB, should be similar speed.

Hello Dr. Hicom, Old timer motherboard for V2 CPU and DDR3 has no PCIe bifurcation support.

I have a Dell T5810 with 256gb of system memory.

V3 CPU with DDR4 started having PCIe bifurcation. I have HP Z440 V4 CPU DDR4. Doing 4x NVME like you have. CrystalDisk says 4x NVME raid 0 is faster than ram disk.

BTW, how much is 8x32GB DDR4 ECC now?

maybe $200 some places on ebay

if i install windows server 2019 and wsl - speed up?

Probably not, and if you want to plot compressed plots with Bladebit, that currently produces invalid plots on Windows 10, and any server edition based on it.

Fastest way to plot is on Linux, I’d recommend a fresh install of Linux Mint, I found that easier than trying to update the video drivers on my old install.

Looks like you have tmpdir and tmpdir2 swapped. Use the SSD for tmpdir and the RAMdisk for tmpdir2.

Also, are you doing compressed or uncompressed plots? madMAx or BladeBit?

ramdisk in Win is crap.

That’s strange it worked fine when I was using it. Yes Linux works better (when it works), but your statement is just plain wrong.

there is no wrong or good, just wrongly used :stuck_out_tongue:

mine worked too, but bloody slow :wink:

Linux is simply core stuff, directly, efficiently in kernel. I recall over 50% plotting speed increase Win vs Linux Clear OS


Hardly crap, running on quite old hardware, and within the limitations of Windows which is by far, more user friendly than Linux, where you need to be a ten year veteran. For a daily driver I know what I prefer.

8x15GBs Debian Linux DDR3-1866 octa-channel Xeon :wink:

you have too many excuses, that is why you never learn Linux :wink: Modern Linux can be operated by a drunken princess with some RTFM/UTFG in less a day with just Win knowledge.

I prefer wealth.

I’ll refer you to this where none of you Linux preachers offered any assistance. In the end it was just easier to wipe and re-install, spent over three evenings trying to install a graphics driver, something I can do in minutes on Windows.

I’m doing OK, thanks. I tend to find with wealth people become, lets say, less nice :wink:

that is typical Kb99Ch syndrome among users - If I were you, I wouldn’t brag about your incompetence :stuck_out_tongue:

You obviously didn’t get the bit about people being less nice did you?

You clearly brag about yourself though, and its not nice the way you come across, the forum was a nicer place whilst you was away/not posting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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