Do Finished Plots ever need write access, can they be read only?

I have a full, old external NTFS disk from a windows machine that I have to moved over to a Mac Full Node for the rest of its golden years.

I’m concerned, though, because the mac can only read NTFS volumes.

Does anybody know if the plot files ever need to be written to again? It seems to be working, but I’m worried that write access will be needed if the plot wins a challenge.


Good question, I don’t think they do, in fact I remember someone saying to mark the files immutable… so I believe it’s safe for the finished plots to be read only aka readonly.

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Well - the thought of copy over 15TB of plots via USB just to be “sure” also fills me with sadness, so I guess I will let it ride for a bit.

I did ask over in the #support topic on Keybase, but yuck, what a mess that is.

It’s unfortunate that there appears to be no way to get authoritative answers out of the Chia team at the moment, but I get it. Things must be nuts for them internally the way this is blowing up.


Well, I hope they can send some folks over here, where the information is much more searchable. Chat is just not a sustainable way to have long term memory for a project… please do continue to share whatever info you glean from the chat here and hopefully we can rope in some contributors on the forum, where info is way more Google-able!


I mount all my disks read-only when I’m farming and it works fine.


Looks like definite NO, plots DO NOT ever need WRITE access. Gonna close this since it’s so definitive! Thanks @gerhard!