Dual GPU farmer

I have over 200+ HDDs connected using two SAS HBAs and several SAS expanders, 23,000+ C7 plots. My GPU is an RTX3070. System is a 3955WX with 256GB RAM so it is also my plotter when I have new HDDs coming in. When the halving occurs, I believe the RTX3070 will not be enough to handle farming. My question is, will the Chia app (Ubuntu) be able to utilize a 2nd GPU in the farming process? The motherboard still has two free PCIe X16 slots.

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Yes it will

you may need more than two for higher compression levels using gigahorse.

you can take a gpu mining frame and one of those old gpu mining motherboards w/ risers and make it into a remote compute device.

If you buy 3070s you can do about 400TB (physical) per 3070 of gigahorse c30, which is half the size of bladebit c7 or gigahorse c5. You can double the # of plots.

With a mining frame you could buy 5x 3070s and do 2PB (physical) of c30 and keep adding more as you need. These gpus do NOT need to be the same model. You could add two 3070’s, a 4090, and a 3050. They do need to have proper vram.

Tell me more about your setup and electrical costs and I can give better tips.


It seems @rallbright has completely missed the clues, and therefore the crux of the question. From your post I think your using the official CNI farmer with Bladebit C7 plots, in which case I don’t think you can use more than one GPU unless you split the farm into separate harvesters.

However, you could use Gigahorse, then follow @rallbright advice, it will farm existing BB plots, better still replot as also suggested. C7 BB gives 1.3 times your current raw space, c30 GH gives 2.34 times your current space. Obviously you’d need more and better GPUs though.

Max is releasing some lower compression soon c27 to c29 I think, and there is already c30 to c33, obviously using GH even if farming BB plots you pay the fee, but with such a huge uplift in farm size available it easily outweighs the fee and is therefore extremely good value.

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bladebit doesnt have multi gpu support?


oh wow, I didnt realize the state of thi8ngs were that bad

NoSSD and Gigahorse will both use multiple GPUs.
Bladebit - really IMO isn’t worth looking at as it’s been way behind all year and doesn’t appear to be likely to be updated before the “new plot format” shows up - and then ONLY for the new format.

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Thanks for the replies. I don’t want to spend anymore $ on new GPUs so replotting on GH is out of the question right now. What is “NoSSD”?

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What do you have now for a GPU?

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@QuintLeo it’s in the first post.


The harvester has option to add more GPU’s I use it.

Wrong buddy. You shouldn’t listen without checking it out first. It does offer multiple gpu…i use it. tired of the CLI, Dr.Flopper, and MadCant’s. My shit was way better anyway!

Just plan on needing more V-Ram and more card(s)

The Chia farming app in Ubuntu only shows me options to select which GPU to use, if more than one is available. But it doesnt show me how to use more than one GPU at the same time.

none of us use the gui bro

You’re wrong, you only have to read on here to see that.

I use, it’s an easy visual check to see farm statistics, and I use it to send XCH to my cold wallet.

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Hi, Since I am quite new in the forum. I don’t know where to write my question but I’ll be really glad if you can help me out.

I have 80 HDDs. Total physical space is 1110 TB. My system is Ryzen 9 5900X with 128 GB RAM and 4070ti Super GPU (16GB). I am currently making c30 plots (plot filter 256). Will my gpu be sufficent for the total farm size ? How much 4070ti Super can handle for farming bro ? I couldn’t understand the logic when it comes to calculations of ''what is max capacity of gpu to handle for farming". Thank you very much

Make a plot, put it on an SSD and use Proof of Space to test the GPU, make sure nothing else is using the GPU. I’d test c29 and c30.

Looking at the spreadsheet it doesn’t look like it will farm 1.1 PiB raw of c30, I’d suggest a combination of c29 and c30.

Bare in mind Gigahorse 35 will farm more than GH30

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