Excesive Fee - MAdMAx Compress plots

21 days ago, my farm plaids madMAx43v3r 0.25 as farmer reward after replotting 160Tib

After 21 days replotting my farm have:

Local Harvester
5383 plots of size: 392.138 TiB

Today my farms paid again to madMAx43v3r 0.25 xch, it means that 21 days = 0.50 xch on fees => u$20.- pretty much $1.- per day.

As per Chia Calculator
5383 Plots
Daily USD $8.02 / day
Monthly USD $243.96 / month

MadMax Reward fee on 21 days = $20.- like 10%, this is far, far, from 3.5% I know to FlexFarmer fee will be more “under control” but, should we all end up on FlexFarmer to avoid this high fee?

Is this happening to anybody else?


He has a monopoly on the tech right now. Not much we can complain about when we are seeing our pool rewards go up overall. I too have had my .25 XCH taken twice now but there was also one time I kept it. So it seems to be working as advertised.


check it out in a longer period of time frame
it is possible that you won’t get charged in the next two month
Or you can just change to flexfarmer which charge that fee as percentage of payout

You can always replot to standard Chia uncompressed plots if you don’t see any benefit to compressed plots. The official Chia software will support them eventually.

As Slug69 said, this is working the way it’s advertised, and as YCYC said, you could use Flexfarmer. Be sure to use cpu instead of gpu to save an extra 1.5% if you go that way.


160tb and 21 days is not enough to draw conclusions that are statistically significant. You are just experiencing “bad luck” and it will average out properly over the long term.


Can’t just Max on his end has a database with winners and charge them every 4th time but not randomly?

If he chose to make the payouts and fees the way it is setup today, it’s probably because he couldn’t do what you describe, not because he’s unable to but because of the way Chia pooling and rewards work.

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well in that case chia architecture has another poorness discovered. not good.

I don’t see any problems. The way fees are handled is perfectly fine. And Chia farming is decentralized which increases the chain’s Nakamoto coefficient.

I think what happens it that he keeps fee records locally. I started on windows version to see how it goes, and I got fee charged immediately, after that, everything was normal, then, I moved to Ubuntu, and I got charge again few days later. So, my believe is that fee count went back to 0% to my account once reinstalled and if he is not keeping a database just, do not reinstall!!!. Let see what happens in few weeks, I’ll keep you guys posted. Just to be clear, I’m ok paying proposed fee and I have the freedom to go back normal or whatever. We all are investing, paying bills and have an expected ROI. When adding a fee to the equation vs benefits. Is good if we know what is happening instead of guessing right?

Its very simple, if your unhappy create your own or use somebody else’s product. See how easy…

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No, the fees are based on a complete random collection of 1/8 (CPU) or 1/4 (GPU) of your direct 0.25 XCH reward probability. Nothing is stored locally or online, exactly for the reason to prevent manipulations. This was also exactly communicated by MadMax.

A basic rule of probabilities is that they only apply to a sufficiently large number of events.
Less than 10 blocks much too little to be able to draw any conclusions whether the probability is correct. Maybe with 100 blocks you can see a tendency.

I myself have currently farmed 31 blocks with compressed plots (GPU) and paid 6 times fees. I am currently at less than 1/4, because even 31 blocks are too few to come to the statistical 1/4.

have a nice day


This is completely wrong.

If you’re unhappy you can fix the situation yourself, but since there’s nothing to fix but made-up problems, I can see why you chose to reply in bad faith instead :slight_smile:

I’m still out of average or very unlucky. but I’m not much worried, just trying to have a better understanding and thanks for the good feedback!

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yes! it is, now I know :slight_smile:

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What bad faith, and what problems are you making up. Please don’t turn into another snowflake.

Keeping you guys posted, 2 blocks found, and both were used as fee. So, I still don’t understand the mechanic. Don’t take this as negative, I believe that all feedback helps developers to know what is happening, fix, improve, etc. and novis will know what to expect.

5/3/23, 9:45 PM – Hash = 747f9d820b6ac550f86935418acceca3a49077ff2f864f4ba4c96ccd4406a523
5/2/23, 3:51 PM - Hash - 5b51e7d10a1582e70e8d0857c1e48f4c380cb3ccd1009509a3984b61d64aad42

I’ll keep it rolling, time will tell, it may be too soon to have a conclusion.

Now I’m wondering how new chia version that support compress plots will work at the time of distributing rewards. Yours ,mines, them. Lets keep an eye to make it fair.

There won’t be any fee on the official implementation.


It’ll be a while until it is as good as Gigahorse as it’s six months or more behind. So the 5% of people who use Gigahorse now get a large boost in income before the March 2024* halving.

Max doesn’t have a monopoly.
NoSSD offers a worse compression with higher fees. And Bladebit technically works but I recall hearing it’s dropping proofs at higher levels of compression which is expected given that it’s still a work in progress.

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