Farm Check : No Wins


I have been plotting to PoolChia pool since 7th July and have never won a block.

Everything runs on same machine (farming, node, plotting etc):-

HP Z840 Workstation 44Cores/88Threads, 2x Xeon E5-2699 V4, 128GB RAM.

I have Chiadog running and all looks OK.

Timings look OK in debug.log.

Should I be looking for anything else or am I just unlucky at this stage?


If you belong to a pool another way of looking at your wins is that for every 1.75XCH you get from the pool, you should have a win (of course, that is on average). So, if you have 2 or 3 XCH already, maybe you have just some bad luck. If you are pushing 6 or 8, you need to start to worry.

How many stales your pool reports?

By the way, you should not have those “Last farming event was XYZ seconds ago.” I am also using ChiaDog, but I only see those when I shut down chia (i.e., logs stop). However, I am not sure what those lines indicate. Those don’t reflect harvester activity / drive access (I think), rather farmer is either not getting challenges, or not sending responses. Maybe you could change pool for a couple of hours, and check whether you still have those lines.

Also, your plotting times really suck comparing to your box raw power. Although, I don’t know what k-values you generate.

Did you check the power draw of that box? One k32 plot should take about 100-150W.

I had to bounce the box yesterday evening. I have turned down plotting speed so please don’t worry about that. Once I have finished plotting the box will be sold and replaced with a small farmer.

Once I have finished plotting, maybe I should check whether Chiadog is clean. I have 3o more plots to go to fill my HDDs.

Yeah, that curve doesn’t look good. It should be basically flat, or close to. I also do not understand how that curve relates to that 99.13%, as to me that looks more like 70% or so.

Check your pool, whether it reports percentage of stalls. I am using Flex, and that is on the first panel. I think Space Pool also has it. If there are dust storm events, you should have it as less than 0.01% or so.

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So those ‘points found in last 24 hours’ are from restart really? Otherwise something is off, should be somewhere around 36.000.

If it’s bad luck it’s really bad, still possible of course.

I started with space pool in may, had a first win at 650.000 (end of july) and second at 1228800 (start of december), plotting from zero to 3800 now (in batches, not continously).
Have 7.5 XCH rewarded from space pool by now, so my 2 wins for 1.75 each are a bit thin. Almost feeling guilty to my fellow pool members.

How is your daily payouts now, should be around .075-.085 when comparing your 3600 plots with my 3800?

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You would expect it to go up if @huntingground restarted yesterday night.

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That ChiaDog shows wins every 4 hours or so, that is roughly what it should be.

Yup, it should go about 60 deg or better up, and then stay basically flat - say 2-5% movements (nor really flat, as sometimes you get more proofs, sometimes less), but in his case that is about 30% drop, what is a disaster. Although, I only see my results, but still think that mine are not the best out there.

My take is that those “Last farming events” are killing his submissions. Potentially, it could be something to do with the ISP, but I would go after that box first. I really hate scrutinizing those debug logs, so maybe farmr is the next step, if there are no obvious errors.

I assume you run Windows, could you run “findstr ERROR debug.log” and post it here.

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Yes, but that could easily be on the high of the points curve. So still interested in a longer term comparison. That curve does look strange! The ‘last farming events’ every now and then may be when writing a plot to hdd. I don’t use chiadog but also see over 30s responstimes sometimes during writing a plot. But nothing to explain the curve to me…

here’s my Firefly in comparison.

@huntingground when you go with your mouse over the curve it will show points in 2 hours blocks. What are the highest and lowest (right side) point scores in your curve?


The thing with the curve is, I think, it’s divided in 2 hour intervals. The last interval right side may not yet be a full 2 hours worth of point. Just witnessed it pulling up a bit. So the steep drop on the right side of @huntingground’s curve may get better over some more time… So maybe just a coincedence when the snaphot was taken.

I don’t think so. That is farming event, not harvesting event. He also mentioned that his debug logs are “Timings look OK in debug.log.” But, looking at that post again, he also stated “I have Chiadog running and all looks OK” what is not true. Although, the misleading part could be that Chiadog stated “No reason to worry if yada yada.” It is the main reason to worry for me, as I have no such events at all, and also didn’t have those coming from my plotter when pushing to USB drives, or directly to a harvester (but I had harvesting problems, as timings were going up).

Here are my points, and it is like that for months (actually, don’t know during dust storms, as I don’t bother to check that tab - the pool page has better info):

So, I kind of don’t understand why in my case, I have 99.27%, and everything is basically flat, where you have 100.02, and you have up to 10-20% drops, where @huntingground has 99.13% and his curve is basically garbage. However, you know my opinion about chia’s code, so that would be one more thing that supports that statement.

Well, you certainly run a smooth operation;-)

I try to not to spook my node - refrain from looking at my logs :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

I have cancelled plotting and will build up some data over next 24 hours and report back.

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points in 24 hours will be a better indicator how a farm is running;-)

Also your pool sets the difficulty ~50% higher than mine (122/70) for comparable sized farms. This will give you a bumpier ride/curve due to less but higher scoring partials I think. But over time it will even out the points found.

Finished plotting now. Let’s get 24 hours of data.

I’ll keep the thread updated.

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A Block for you, well deserved! Congrats.

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