FARM ON 2 PC (Ubuntu)

ok, two things.

  1. i think you mistyped the ip-address, instead of
  2. user@… is not the word ‘user’ but the username you use when logging in to ubuntu. Maybe ‘milo’, the one you set a password for on the farmer machine i mean.
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omg okay 1 sec… i will try again now

it works now… i will go to next step :grinning:

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to be sure, you installed ssh server on the farmer machine and work on the harvester machine otherwise…?

and yes, this is wat is supposed to happen;-)

okay so the chia gui was not running when i did this… is this maybe why i get this error

and im doing all these steps on my main plotter computer… should i also do all the steps on the other harvester computers too?

the question is now…how i add the other computer that is the harvester in the GUI section of the chia…

Well, yes.
And my mistake again, the command chia harvester start -r should really be ./chia start harvester -r… sorry.
But want you want is to import the farmer (main rig in your case) certificates to the harvester.
So all commands should be applied on the harvester machine.
Only check good working of the harvester on the farmer machine with ./chia farm summary to see if the harvester is reporting in.

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All you will see in GUI on the farmer/gui machine is the total number of plots of both machines in the Farm section.
And specifically the number of plots and total disk space with the command ./chia farm summary in Terminal

This was not meant to happen… But no big problem.
If you edited the config.yaml on you main machine (plotter/farmer) the you have to revert to the .old copy of the .yaml file.
So in terminal on the plotter/farmer

`sudo cp ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.old  ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml`

Exit and restart the GUI to check everything is ok on the plotter/farmer.

Then - on the harvester machine- do once more the commands discussed.

this is correct this is my main plotter and harvester machine with 298 tb. but i have i have another machine that is not listed here

ohhh so i only have to do these command on the harvester computer… ?

La la la… So no i understand the following, check?
You have one machine currently, Ubuntu Desktop OS installed, Chia full node client and 284GB of plots on it. This was working fine by itself. If so lets call this the full-node-machine
You have another machine, and want to install a remote chia harvester there for future use with more disks/plots? If so lets call this the harvester-machine

check? Important i understand correctly otherwise this is becoming a mess.

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yes all of this is correct

Did you install anything yet on the harvester-machine, OS, Chia client?

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yes i have ubuntu with chia gui on the harvester machin

Good, then first get the full-node-machine back in order by reverting the config.old to config.yaml file.

So in terminal on the full-node-machine

`sudo cp ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.old  ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml`

Exit and restart the GUI to check everything is still ok on the plotter/farmer.

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GUI restarted and working ok?

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