Farming compressed plots without a GPU?

So i have missed a train, but i have 3292 regular 101GB plots with total 325TB plots size.
If i would replot, can i use compressed plots without a GPU later for farming?

For an example, should a 5700G work for this?

Well…pretty much you can not…unless you use very low compression…then yes depending on the strength of your CPU, since it will be doing all the work.

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I was reading a post about “Ryzen 5700G is handling 250TB of C7 plots with no problem.” would i benefit it compared to todays regular plots?

So called ‘regular plots’ or OG plots and are very much out of fashion due to their size and inefficiency (getting rewards). Anything you can do to increase the number of plots i.e., compression of any sort (Bladebit, Gighorse, etc.), is going to get more rewards, therefore more efficient.

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The following link offers some guidance. It contains a basic table on CPU harvesting of compressed plots:

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Aren’t OG plots those that use pool key instead of contract address (so virtually any plot can be OG, regardless of if it is compressed or not)? By the way, what could be more confusing that selecting a pool key to generate plots that cannot join a normal pool.

I used this program (Plot Manager)

To make chia plots 106gb in size it used -f fff and -p pppp (pool public key)
and made plots in 45minutes WOW those were days gone by.

I’m farming 8PB of space that is all re-plotted to C05 compression with BladeBit using only CPUs. But I had to move to 3 systems for farming/harvesting 'cuz the response times really start to climb the more compressed plots I got. It can certainly be done, but you’ll want to keep an eye on the response times on the Harvester tab to make sure the performance doesn’t get too bad. Many pools will only accept plots under a certain response time, so you’ll lose out on rewards if it consistently gets high.

What CPU are You using?

The original round of compression used CPUs as a general rule for their farming - Gigahorse up to about C5 for certain, perhaps C6 or even some C7 with your CPU, NoSSD all of the single-digit compression levels IIRC.
So yes, you can do SOME compression with just your CPU.
The GPU part of that CPU is probably not going to handle much compression work, it’s a bottom-end entry-level unit by current standards.

I had 71 drives being farmed on my “big” machine with a single E5-2597 under Gigahorse at one point, but that’s a much older lower capability CPU and I was “only” using C5 compression.

Intel Xeon Silver 4110, but I’m using some old servers that we decommissioned from work. That CPU is, like, 3 or 4 generations old at this point. I have 909 drives ranging from 8TB to 16TB.

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C05 compression with BladeBit using only CPUs

How? When I try to use BladeBit with CPU with Chia 2.2.1, I get “diskplot is currently disabled for compressed plotting due to a bug”

Using large amounts of RAM I suppose? I only have 128GB RAM.

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You need 256Gb to avoid diskplot.


Yeah, I have 256GB of RAM in my plotters. My plotters are old servers that we got rid of from work and they had a lot of RAM in them.


Did they run VMware ESXI on them?

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I use this CPU. That was my post?

Chia official compressed plot, yes.

NOSSD, Gigahorse, no.

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Yes, the plotters were originally ESXi hosts. They originally had 512GB of RAM, but I didn’t need that much for plotting, so I removed 1/2. Ended up putting much of that into my farmer/harvesters.

I’m a VMware SysAdmin and I do all of the server ordering for my company, so I’m really familiar with the hardware. We’ve been replacing those with blade servers that have 64 cores and 2TB of RAM. Part of why I took us that route was to reduce our licensing costs with VMware–and this was way before Broadcom bought them and decided to screw over all of their customers with insane changes to their licensing.

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NoSSD works fine with 128GB RAM and does not need an SSD, on both it’s original CPU compressed plotter and the current GPU one.
You DO have to use the older CPU only plotter for the low-compression plots that can be farmed by a CPU though.
I’ve never bothered with Bladebit compression, it’s been behind NoSSD and Gigahorse all along, and seems to requite 256GB if you don’t want to put massive wear on a SSD.
Gigahorse also requires 256GB RAM to avoid massive SSD wear.

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I won’t use NoSSD due to NC.
I will look into GH compressed plotting with 128GB RAM and SSD.


Yeah. I had 250tb with C6 and C7 and it was perfect. In fact…maybe after the raster filter I don’t rule out testing the GPU again and using the 3400G or a 5700G that I have. looking for minimum consumption even knowing that the rewards will decrease