Few facts about "compressed plot"

It didn’t take me 13 minutes to look over this information. It’s missing an important item like where the heck can I down load something to try…

Can anybody point the link out to an old guy??


Release is still weeks away, so alpha/ beta versions should be available earlier, bit that will most likely be CLI only

Then the timing of this release is quite interesting.

If it runs like blade-bit need bottles of aspirin…

We still need to copy out the plot file to the destination drive. What is the best way to do so. Over a gigabit network it is 100MB/sec at the best. 5 minutes a plot needs 1000 second to copy out. In 1000 second three more new plots are made.

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Fastest way is to copy on local machine and when the disk is full you move it to that farmer machine.


Shame on you for applying a caveman non-technical solution :smiley:

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The new plots are not 101.3 gb but less than 70 . So you can transfer them locally with speeds around 200mb in just 6 minutes when using sata/sas drives . You can also use 2 hdds simultaneous so that when one hdd is busy the plotter will fill the other one. We miss the big picture here. When we started plotting 2 years ago we started from 1 day plot with old hardware and with all the improvements of the code we ended to plot in around 40 minutes and we were super happy back then with that. Most of us bought 600$ 128 gb ram just to plot and save our fast nvmes. Now we can utilize the ram that is sitting there and replot our drives and gain 25-30% more profits by only using one GPUthat costs around 300$ which most of us already have … In my opinion this is super news for all us . Nobody is forced to replot to have some advantage . Old plots will be fine for the next 1-2 years unless new hardware comes that will make so fast plots that you won’t need to store them but create them on the fly. So we all do our maths about more consumption for farming with GPU and replot and we decide how to continue.

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It is pity, it focuses only on nVidia CUDA…Why not OpenCL that can utilize any HW?

I already have AMD RX 6800 XT

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More like 75g in size for the plots.

Max has mentioned amd will come later but won’t be as good.

AMD is always behind in computing. They barely got even in games.

Old 3060 for 500$ may be still faster. Not really fan of buying 2000$ 3090 Ti


$300 in Canada and usa

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A $250.00 RTX 3060 12gb card works just fine.


i haven’t seen HDD that can write 200MBs :wink:

I have filled up WD Gold 14TB last month…first plots 220MBs/4min outside tracks, inside tracks/full disk <150MBs/>12min.

so far that is only 25-30% paper gains. as written in their white paper…highest compression needs +50W on 500TB farm…thats a lot…translated to European world…+17% increased wattage or extra 11€ per month but at least 1xch more…or average 30€ more monthly.

add replotting costs, your time…unsure whether it is worthy


I use 18tb gold WD drives. My speed is 267mb/sec - 177mb/ for the last fitting plot. That is why I wrote 200mb/s the average ± . Also keep in mind that you decide level of compression that fits your system . With a good CPU if you can farm with 20% more efficiency (level 5 compression) without a VGA I think is super. Replotting is a pain in the *** ofcourse but now plotting is like a game . With a 3060 you will be at least 3-4 times faster in plotting and after that you keep it for gaming. Everything depends on the future of chia :wink::wink::wink: . You do the math and decide whether you believe . Chia has not yet released the plot format 2.0 . We don’t know how that will work and what the final requirements will be. In my opinion it will be more energy efficient. Otherwise they will not release it or nobody will replot .

I do not copy to a single drive. I have only one WD Gold…expensive mistake.

I always use 8 HDD JBOD groups. I doubt you will be writing flat out to 60+ HDD farm with HBA + expanders. Most people use SAS2 old stuff.

I am getting barely 150MBs with these old school toys. Still didn’t find out why they slow down for no reason…driver issues, no idea.

My server idles at 50W…if you buy better CPU for faster decompression, your efficiency per plot drops. I am getting 0.04W/plot now. We will see reality, once it will be official.

My workstation does ~18min/0.05$/55W/plot…anything below 12min plotting needs extra investment in plot cache. I can do easily 8TB/82 plots/day. With GPU plotting for <4minutes…how much place would you need, what would you do with 10TB in SSD once you are done?

fastests SSDs are still 100-150$/TB

gpu you can resell, what you do with cache disks bought for 1000-1500$?

ROI on 18TB disks is 5-7years, how do you repay it?

Very few repaid their investments now. Average hobby farmer already wasted 20-30k $ on farm/plotting…10 years ROI on experimental tech is huuuge gamble :wink:

I began with different approach my friend. I bought a high end pc with ryzen 9 series cpu 128gb ram which I use daily for gaming browsing etc and ofcourse also plotted my little farm . My farmer is a cheap ryzen 5 system (which I already had as my main pc ) with 3x sata 20 port pcie expanders bought from china for less than 250$ .(Don’t do the math I have little above 0.5pb :joy: ) I made custom hdd cases with no money at all. Just time and a little work which I like. The only thing that we must care is the temp that hdds work at so that they don’t fail after warranty . And it can easily handle the whole farm with plots checking disabled ofcourse. There is no need if you don’t add new plots…( Reduces the load when farming many forks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .) When it will be time to replot I will use the ryzen 9 and connect 5 disks in mb sata port. So with my temp 2 2tb nvme I will be able to keep 10 ready plots which will already be transferring to my 5 sata drives with 100mb/sec let’s say . So in my opinion it will not bottleneck . In 800 sec 13 minutes i will be able to transfer 5 plots one to each drive. In this time window the plotter will be able to replace the already transferred plots with the new ones created. But this is my approach . Most people bought specific machines to plot and farm plots. The main rule of mining is to NOT buy hardware just for it .Ok for the drives nobody will need such storage… And in any case nobody is sure that we will ROI . It is a fan part . Nobody forces us to continue . We decide if we believe whether Chia will again be profitable . (Just consider the xch price at 100$ , I may still be dreaming :rofl: ) . Also nobody has thought that the GPU usage used to make the calculations might be done it the pool side with stacks of GPU’s and ASICS bought from miners of ETH in bottom prices . In this case we will have more network traffic but internet nowadays is free and super fast .If the numbers are correct a pool with just 10 3060’s will be able to handle more than 150 pb of plots compression level 5. And ASICS have maybe 10x more power than a 3060 or maybe even more… What will all the ASICS produced be used for? Everything else that you can mine right now does not even pay your electricity. Only Chia is profitable right now , considering the electricity. ROI is another case and I agree totally with you. Chia’s farming main goal from the start was to be able to farm with dummy devices that have many ports for disks . That is what I read from the beginning and liked in it. Sad that did not read about it before may 2021 :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: And so it must continue !

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My friend nobody gives you a single penny in this world for free . For a 500tb farm you may not need a GPU at all if choosing the correct compression level. Cpu will use 20W maybe more. 500tb farm will need a few weeks now to replot not 5 or 6 months like before with old tools

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that pretty much sums it up, only one suggestion: